A Guide to COVID-19 Wedding In Delhi
A Guide to COVID-19 Wedding In Delhi
December 18, 2020
10 reception sarees ideas for bride
10 reception sarees ideas for bride
January 12, 2021
unique entry for bride and groom

Gone are the days when the bride used to walk gracefully along with her bridesmaid on the aisle and the groom with his groomsmen waiting for her with the typical ‘Dil Shagna’ song in the background and happily married thereafter. 

Today, Weddings are just not ‘marry and be merry’ affairs. They are beyond that. The new age brides and grooms have evolved, going all experimental and bold with their attire, accessories, makeup, venue, and decor. They want their weddings to be more classy, enjoyable, and fun and their entrance to be unique and spectacular. 

Here are the 8 best ways to make a grand entrance to your wedding venue and make all heads turn and go gaga about it. While some will prefer subtle or cute entries, others prefer bold and royal ones. 

  • For our bold and beautiful bride

Riding a horse or a jeep was considered to be a men’s statement but what if our new age bride rides a horse or a jeep? Dressed up in her Sabyasachi lehenga, gorgeous make-up and making a grand entrance at her venue. This will definitely take the groom’s breath away and add sparks to the wedding Isn’t it?

For our bold and beautiful bride

Even If you don’t know how to ride one, don’t worry. We have more ways for you lady. You can even drive a dressed up scooter or a bike or use a decorated public transport like a truck, rickshaw, or auto to make your presence felt. 

Some brides love to make an entrance like a fairy tale on a floral palkis like maharanis or carriage like Cinderella. If you want to make a couple of entry, you can even use a self-balancing scooter together to make a bold yet cute entry. 

Wedding venues like Mallu Farms, Wedding Farmhouse in Chattarpur, Delhi provide these services in their packages so you can opt for one and ride in style.

  • For our shy and introvert brides

If you are an introvert bride and don’t want to make bold entries, here are some ideas for you. You can write a customized message on a placard and send your nephew or niece holding it before you arrive. You can even hire a service where a group of cute adorable kids dressed alike can hold placards announcing your arrival. 

The message can be romantic, cute, or full of humor. Here are some ideas –‘Here comes the bride’ or ‘the best is yet to come’ or some humorous ones like ‘For once, she is on time’ or ‘It’s too late to run, here she comes’. 

  • ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ – For our dashing grooms

Why should girls have all the fun, Why not our hero, the groom? Here are some ideas for you Mr. Right!

groom entry with vintage car

Remember the grand entrance of Deepak (Sameer Chitre) in the movie “Dil hai ke manta nahin” in a helicopter at his wedding. Today grooms also want to make a dhamakedaar entry like Bollywood or Hollywood style. You can choose many ways on a helicopter or vintage car or a boat or a hot air balloon or choose to ride like a prince on an elephant or simply come out of a paper poster like a hero.  After all, you are the showstopper!

  • Dance like a pro – Mr. and Ms. Right
dance like a pro in wedding

Another popular trend these days is when both the bride and groom can make an entry either dancing solo or along with professionals. You can do that by hiring young professional dancers or learn a dance from a professional choreographer beforehand making the environment enjoyable and dancing to your beats.

  • Wedding Flash mobs add a surprise element!
Wedding Flash mobs add a surprise element!

A flash mob is another way wherein a large gathering dances together and presents a performance. It is done by a couple to make a surprise entrance and later is joined by the family members and guests. Wedding flash mobs have become big hits after the recent Ambani’s weddings. It makes the environment fun and enjoyable. 

  • Bride with her squad 
Bride with her squad

If a groom can come with their squad, why not a bride. This is another exciting way where a bride dances along with her family comes to her wedding venue making it unique and fun. 

  • Traditional Walk

Some people want to keep it simple and sweet and like to come along with important people in their life. You can do that by ‘Sholay style’ in a sidecar driven by your father or brother or groom or bride itself or walk under an umbrella along with your friends or close ones. 

traditional walk of bride

You can do that by adding some props. Props are an eye-catching way to catch everyone’s attention. 

Lanterns and candles can bring extra brightness at night while balloons and sparkles will bring the magic. Phoolon ki chadar is another prop that you can use during the grand march. Let people hold it for you while couples are walking the aisle to make it special for you and your guest.

You can even arrange for a flutist or violinist playing during your entrance to add another spark to your wedding making it more romantic and special or dance on a beat of dhol or nagada.

Nowadays light and sound effects are also used at the venues along with pyro shots, color pops, or rose confetti to add glamour to the walk. 

  • Procession leading your way

You can even choose a procession of people like Pandits or Traditional Dancers leading your way to capture everyone’s attention. You can even hire celebrities if it suits your pocket. 

So, we hope that these ideas inspired you to plan an exciting entrance to your wedding! If you are looking for ways to make a grand entry on your wedding day, you must visit Mallu Farms, a prominent wedding farmhouse in Chattarpur, Delhi. Let your guest leave your wedding, talking about how they have never witnessed a unique wedding party and a grand entrance like yours only at Mallu Farms.

mallu farms

If you have your own unique ideas or any story to tell, do share with us or if you have any questions, do write to us. We will be happy to help. 

Be that trendsetter bride or groom of the year. All the best! 😉 

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