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We create flawless weddings & conceptual Event

Immerse yourself in the magic of flawless weddings and conceptual events at our stunning venue. From dreamy weddings to innovative themed events, we craft unforgettable experiences tailored to perfection.


Flawless Wedding

Experience flawless weddings at our venue, where every moment is meticulously crafted for perfection.


Event Planner

Crafting unforgettable moments, one event at a time. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.


Great Reputation

Revered for excellence, our venue delivers exceptional experiences, earning trust and admiration

About Mallu Farms:

Welcome to Mallu Farms – an esteemed event venue at Satbari road, Chattarpur, since 1958. With an unrivaled reputation since 1996, we’re the preferred choice for weddings, receptions, cocktails, and more. Our commitment to outstanding hospitality ensures every guest feels valued. With unmatched ambiance, exquisite cuisine, and tailored services, we elevate events to new heights. Spanning 8 acres, our venue features two halls and a captivating poolside area, making us a standout choice. Welcome to Mallu Farms, where luxury meets perfection.

About Our Team

The team believes in customizing the spaces differently for each of the weddings and celebrations hosted there in order to create for their clients’ memories that are uniquely theirs. Whether it is a life-size installation, a large marquee tent, or a grand stags, the versatile venue lets you paint your own canvas every single time. While they do offer decor solutions by their in-house team, they are also happy to work with other decorators if the couple prefers so.


Meet the team

Akshay Sharma

(Director, Imperial Flavours)

Karan Chachra

(Director, Imperial Flavours Kitchen)

Mallu Maharaj

(Innovator & Founder)

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