Weddings in India are most famously envisioned as a big fat grand affair celebrated with fervour throughout the country. Indian weddings usually go on for several days and the glamour of each function shines through the extravagant choices of invitations, venues, catering, and of course the outfits. While marriage is a sacred and emotional affair, it is celebrated with much opulence and grandeur. Weddings are intended to create an indelible experience for both the couple and swarm of guests that are an essential part of any wedding. Speaking of experience, one of the leading farmhouses of the city, well known for decades of excellence is ‘The Mallu Farms’. A property of the Sharma family, Mallu Farms was originally a mango orchard in 1958. In the 1980s and 1990s, the space was particularly used as a wedding venue for family and relatives.

With the boom in the wedding industry during mid-1990s, the opportunity to commercialise Mallu Farms for social events was established. The farmhouse in all its glory has witnessed the weddings of many industrialists, politicians and eminent people of the society. However, massive competition in the luxury wedding industry lost the notability it once celebrated.

Theme & Decor

Mallu Farms wedding decorations are detailed with beautiful traditional & floral decorations to match exclusive Indian wedding themes. Weddings by Mallu Farms ensures that each client is satisfied with wedding décor services and designs elaborate themes for décor according to the latest trends and personal preferences. This makes the wedding venue completely personalized for a couple, creating an everlasting mark on the memories, of the day. Through well-planned wedding décor services, the Mallu Farms tries to bring the magic of art, beauty, and fairy lands to a single place, which witnesses two souls being tied in a holy bond.

At Mallu Farms, we look into every little detail and this is what we do to. You can put your trust in our expertise with wedding decorations, theme weddings planning, managing and executing weddings to ensure hassle-free memorable events in your life.


Managed by hospitality professionals who have extensive experience in delivering quality services across continents, Imperials flavours kitchen is a vibrant new offering in NCR’s catering and bespoke hospitality scene. The company offers the highest level of guest satisfaction and value to their esteemed clients. Imperial Flavours Kitchen is capable of undertaking turn-key catering projects and consultancy services for weddings, diplomatic missions, home based functions, multinational companies, corporate events and international conferences.

In addition, the Group has its very own hospitality venue, the Imperial at the Mallu farms, and is also running a very successful banquet. Our own exclusive 3 acres of land around our base kitchen allows us to do organic farming of fresh vegetables and herbs which we use in our catering service.

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