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March 26, 2020
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Flower Decor Ideas for Wedding in 2020
April 9, 2020
Stunning Wedding Themes

Ceremonies, be it any kind, always bring happiness and joy to our lives. We all look forward to different festivals and weddings throughout the year for such gatherings. The families come together and spend some mesmerising times to create memories forever. In India, marriage is one of the most essential and auspicious events that comes with a series of ceremonies. Make sure to get the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR to plan a grand wedding for you.

A wedding comprises a long series of different sorts of ceremonies here. No wonder that planning and executing all the intricate details can seem a tad complicated for many people. This is one of the crucial reasons why one must seek the services of a good wedding planner.

A reputed and experienced wedding planner can help one to plan a grand wedding within a strict budget without any hassles. Moreover, you get the chance to get exclusive deals and offers from the planner even during the peak season. In case you are looking for such professionals within budget, make sure to check the services of Mallu Farms Chattarpur.

Top Wedding Themes to Try In 2020

The entire scenario of the wedding has advanced from earlier times. In the former times, it was more of a gathering of the family and friends to celebrate the union of two souls. However, the concept is still the same, but the ideas have progressed with time. Now, we all want to have a picture-perfect wedding and capture the memories in the best version for our next generation.

We all want to plan a grand wedding, consisting of different kinds of events and games along with some beautiful, attractive themes. Wedding themes are many but are so confusing to choose from. It is indeed one of the toughest decisions that you might have to make while planning the wedding. You can come across so many types of themes and event ideas that can confuse you to the fullest.

In times of confusion, the best thing to do is seek expert guidance. That means, who else can help you out other than a good wedding planner. All you have to do is search for the best wedding planner Delhi and convey all your dream wedding plans to him/her. Let the professional guide you through the different themes that can fulfil all your dreams and wishes perfectly. Also, you can refer to some of the funkiest and trending wedding themes described below:

  • Beach Theme

Are you planning for a summer wedding? Then why not try out the beach theme for your grand wedding ceremony? You can choose a beach near to your home town or plan for a destination wedding as per the budget. You can also keep a colour code for the guests or a particular theme that goes with the waves.

Beach Theme For Wedding

To start with the beam theme, you can design the invitations for the guests with some attractive postcards. The invitation cards can bear a beautiful image of the destination or some hand-painted cool stuff by the couple.

Next, you can ask the guests to stick to white and blue colours for the beach theme wedding. Also, you can plan out the grand entry of the bride accordingly. The bride can make her grand entry in a boat with flaunting her dress and some cool accessories.  You can also modify the menu and incorporate some of the beach specialities for the wedding. For more info on such a theme, make sure to check the services of Mallu Farms Chattarpur.

  • Green Wedding

Given the current condition of our atmosphere, why not plan for an environmental-friendly wedding? Do not think of such a marriage to be a plain and simple one. Instead, such wedding themes are out-of-the-box wedding ideas that can turn the entire event into the talk of the town. You can research more about the options available for planning such a wedding.

Green Wedding

In the case of the wedding invitation, you can recycle old newspapers and generate new sheets for the guests. Write personalised messages for the guests and inform them more about the theme of the wedding. They can choose to bring some eco-friendly gifts for the occasion, or you can skip the part as per your wishes. You can ask your wedding planner for such wedding planning tips for the particular wedding theme.

Make sure to prepare the dresses for the couple from the old wedding gowns and dresses of your parents. Or else, opt for environmental-friendly dresses for the ceremonies. Also, you can plant some trees to celebrate the functions with Mother Nature. That way, you can start on a new journey with your partner with the blessings of nature too.

You can also give seeds to the respective guests as a token of appreciation for attending the wedding ceremonies. Also, make sure to decorate the venue with recycled items and decorations to minimise the harsh effects on the environment.

  • Fairy Tale Theme

Another famous wedding theme that has always been trending among the folks is the fairy tale wedding. We all have grown up seeing the Disney characters and have re-lived all the incidents to the fullest in our childhood. Deep inside, we all want to find our perfect partner, just like Alice or Cinderella. So why not incorporate such a theme for the wedding itself?

Fairy Tale Theme

A fairy tale wedding provides you a long list of options to choose from. That is because there is almost no end to the list of the fairy tales available around us. Select the one that touches your heart or the one that you always have dreamt about. Choose the colour theme as per the character or the fairy tale story.

You can create a small castle and plan the ceremonies as per the fairy tale story. You can also make a slideshow with pictures from both the families and create a story with them. Also, make sure to select the perfect princess dress for you to look like your favourite character from the tale.

This is your day, and there is no harm in wanting it to be perfect and to look like a royalty. Hence make sure to get the wedding services of the best wedding planner around to plan the wedding correctly.

  • Bohemian Theme

If you consider yourself to be one of the woodland nymphs rather than a fairy princess, a bohemian styled wedding can be an ideal one. It happens to an eclectic blend of vintage, natural and rustic details being changed into the wedding patterns. Right from the wedding cake to the decorations, the entire wedding venue showcases a carefree and relaxed environment.

Bohemian Theme

You can blend the overall look of the ceremony into a formal cum informal look, which can add some chic to the wedding. The overall theme of the wedding would include the free-spirited carefree nature of the bohemians.

You can focus on designing an attractive floral crown for the bride, which needs proper detailing for the perfect look. Also, you can keep a theme of a mix and match colours for the guests. It would always be fun to see the results that turn out of such themed weddings.

Plan on putting some acoustic instrumental covers to add the overall feel of the bohemians to your ceremony. Also, you can take inspiration from the famous bohemian looks available in the market for decorating the venue. To find the best m for such purposes, make sure to check out the services of Mallu Farms Chhattarpur.

  • Bollywood Theme

Being an Indian to the core, how can we not consider the option of a “masala Bollywood styled wedding?” We all have grown up grooving to the peppy numbers of famous singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Neeraj Sridhar, Kishore Kumar, and so many. How can we not include their notable numbers in an ideal Indian wedding?

Bollywood Theme For Wedding

If you are also too close to the movies and the Bollywood industry, then you can try out the Bollywood themed wedding. Not only it adds glamour to the entire wedding, but it also engages the whole guest list in the marriage. The Sangeet ceremony can add some peppy numbers from famous singers. Let your relatives and friends groove a little more to celebrate the wedding ceremony of their beloved. For such stunning wedding planning and execution, do check out the services of Mallu Farms.

  • Royal Rajasthani Theme

Another one that always trends on the list of themed weddings in our country has to be the royal Rajasthani styled wedding. But planning out this kind of marriage is on the costlier side. Also, you would require the tips and services of a reputed wedding planner. That is because; it is not easy to get the venues as per choices. Hence, a wedding planner can help you to get the deals within a strict budget.

Royal Rajasthani Theme For Wedding

The Rajasthani style weddings depict the stories of the famous warriors of our country. With such a theme, the couple dresses up in royal attire and perform the rituals as per the culture of the state. The ceremonies are performed with elegance and grandeur. Each section of the rituals depicts the lifestyle and the culture of the country and is quite a charm to witness such a wedding.   

To find the best budget wedding planners in Delhi NCR, check out the services of Mallu Farms. It is a reputed company that organises the best events and ceremonies within the budget. The company offers some of the gorgeous-looking venues in town within affordable prices. You can visit their website to check out their services and packages for reference. 

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