Top 10 Wedding planners in Delhi
Top 10 Wedding planners in Delhi NCR
July 26, 2019
Things you should know before hiring a wedding planner
Things you should know before hiring a wedding planner
August 17, 2019
7 tips for planning a luxury Grand Wedding

Indian weddings are the most awaited ones. People start planning for it, months before the wedding day, and this is what is actually important in our weddings as there are so many things to be taken care off. The ceremonies play a very important role in any Indian wedding and are the main cause of attraction.

Planning a luxury wedding may sound fascinating, but its no easy task. There are things from the little ones to the big ones that can go wrong and ruin the whole vibe.There can be a long list of tips for planning a grand wedding, but as we become aware of the things that need to be done right, we are more afraid of getting them wrong and that’s the kicker in the whole scene. So, we are going to start from the very basic thing and then move forward with the flow:

1. One step at a time

Very first thing to do is, admit that planning a luxury wedding is not a child’s play. No matter how creative, fast, organized and intelligent you are, you can’t plan the whole thing alone. The best thing you can do is, work in a team with the ones that are more excited about your wedding than you yourself are.

After doing this, don’t hustle and don’t try to do all things in a single day. Things take time and good things take more time; this is how it works. Take something to write and jot down all the points that you need to cover while planning and one by one through them, giving each of them a good thought.

2. The Wedding Organizer

Planning a luxury wedding is incomplete without a wedding organizer. You can be very creative and imaginative, but a professional wedding organizer surely has attended more luxury weddings than you. Look out for the best wedding planners in Delhi or in any area you are living because experience adds to this way of thinking.

You can easily search for the top 7 wedding planners in Delhi NCR online and choose the best according to your budget. Once you have hired a good wedding planner, half of your stress will surely fade away. He / She will then be able to help you in every other thing that comes down the list.

3. The venue

The venue constitutes a greatly to the total grandeur of the wedding. If you are searching for some types of shadi halls near me or some marriage halls, you should stop that this very moment because it won’t add on to your plan of arranging a luxury wedding. You need something out of the box, something that someone has never thought of in a wedding.

Book a venue that is different from the normal ones, how about a venue with its own pool? Yes, you will be amazed at the images taken at the pool side area and you can agree with me that wedding photographs are the only things that we are left with after two or five years of marriage. You can get these things at Mallu Farms and many other banquet halls with prices that are worth paying for.

4. The Decorator

This is a very tricky part. Your wedding is a lot about the colors and the lightening. A little bit less is too shabby and a little more is too bright. Well, light here is the magical ingredient. Most of the weddings are done at evenings which gradually comes to the night as the celebration proceeds. The best decorators in Delhi knows what should be the embellishments that can go with the perfect light scheme and add on to the overall aura of the environment.

5. Music

If the 7 tips of planning a luxury wedding don’t include music as one of the key ingredients, then it’s not the best planning list of a grand wedding. Music is something that has the ability to change the hearts and it’s only the good music that I’m talking about here.

No doubt, everyone has a different taste is music, but you will have to pin down those songs that no one can deny and trust me, these songs do exist.

6. Caterer

Food… you can say that it’s the heart of the wedding. Good food is something that everyone looks forward to at a wedding. No matter how good all the other things are, but honestly speaking, all the aunties and uncles are surely going to point out and talk about the food at your wedding months and years after your marriage.

Make sure, you get this one right, because an empty stomach is the cause of a lot of rumors. Along with the wedding venue, good caterers are a must.

7. Photographer

Guests turn their backs to their homes and get busy in their normal daily routines, while you have a new life now. You have a new family, and your home will be filled with moments when you will want to have a look at the event that became the starting point of this beautiful life that you have.

That’s when you need photographs. So, get a good one to shoot a marriage at one of the 5-star wedding venues in Delhi because without photographs you yourself can one day forget about the little big things of eternal happiness.

Go according to the above 7 tips for planning a luxury wedding and see how things work, but one thing that all of us can relate to is that there are too many little things that need to be done in a wedding. Too many things to be taken care of, the dresses, the jewellery, the shoes.On the other hand, there is always a big list of guests that can be cut short to lighten the extra load. Last but not the lease, set a theme that can boost up the whole event before deciding all the other things. This will give you a strong base to start with.

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