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10 latest sherwani suit designs for Grooms
January 15, 2021
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How to save money on wedding venues?
February 2, 2021
Places You Can Consider for Your Honeymoon Right Now Despite COVID

Are you looking for safe and reliable honeymoon destinations outside India? Due to current pandemic conditions, there have been strict rules about travelling all across the global platform. And therefore, many people have had to change their travelling plans since 2020. But not anymore. With the lockdown period coming to an end, many global destinations have opened their doors to travel enthusiasts.

Hence, if you have been waiting to plan your trip to a beautiful paradise to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon, you can start your planning now. You no longer have to worry about safety during COVID, as these destinations are quite careful about such safety measures. And as these places are relatively risk-free, hence you do not have to modify your plans anymore and can still plan the best honeymoon trip.

Confused? Well, here are the top five honeymoon destinations outside India for your reference:

  • Maldives

The first one that deserves your kind attention would be none other than the Maldives. No matter what conditions are there, Maldives happens to be one of the best destinations for the hopeless romantics. The official opened the borders for the travellers in June 2020. 


The luxury hotels here are extremely cautious about their sanitation policies. Therefore, they claim to provide you with the best safe places on earth during COVID and fulfil all your travelling dreams. Many people consider this place to be the paradise on land where you get to enjoy the serenity of nature, away from the maddening crowd. So, if you want to travel safely and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest, be sure to select the Maldives.

  • Mauritius

One of the best honeymoon places outside India is Mauritius. The country has opened its doors to tourists since November 2020. The site requires no introduction and is considered one of the most loved romantic and luxury destinations worldwide. However, you need to get yourself a negative COVID certificate to travel to this destination.


You can choose any poolside or beachside villa and plan your ideal honeymoon trip with your beloved. If you are a peace seeker and thrill lover, this place is the best one for you. 

As you get to stay closer to the beaches and natural surroundings, you get ample opportunities to get lost in the serene environment. And the best part of all this is that you no longer have to worry about COVID during your stay here. 

So, when you start looking for wedding decoration ideas for your D-Day, make sure to get yourself a decent travel partner as well. If you want to get affordable honeymoon packages even during COVID conditions, you need to get the best travel company’s services. The travel experts can help you plan the best trip for your honeymoon without any trouble or COVID risk. 

  • Seychelles

Another destination where you can travel without any restrictions during the COVID has to be Seychelles. It is one of the beautiful regions that opened its gates to tourists in October 2020. But as usual, you would require a negative COVID test report to travel here.

However, here, the rules are slightly different than other destinations. You can find yourself a proper hotel or establishment here upon your arrival. However, according to the rules, you cannot travel for the first five days. 


But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a trip here. Instead, many people are actively finding innovative wedding themes to celebrate both their ceremonies as well as honeymoon plans here. You can find luxurious hotels here for both weddings and such romantic travel purposes. 

  • Andamans

Do you wish to spend your romantic nights with your spouse on a tropical paradise? Well, nothing can be better than Andamans itself. It is one of the perfect gateways for you and your partner. And the place is now open for tourists, but you need to showcase a negative COVID certificate for your entry. 

Also, you need to stay under seven days’ quarantine after your arrival on this land. But once done, you can roam around free without any restrictions. You get to explore the natural surrounding here without any worries. 


You get to relax on the beaches under the moonlight and plan little details of the future with your soulmate. Such ideal conditions make this place one of the best options for a closed-knit wedding as well. Make sure to get the best planners for the wedding decoration ideas. 

  • South Africa

Do you want to travel to a perfect destination to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon during COVID? South Africa happens to be entirely in demand for all the right reasons. It is one of the best places across the globe that is safe to travel and has incredible landscapes and ideal romantic spots for the newly-weds.

South Africa

You have to furnish a negative COVID test report to enter this region. However, if you cannot provide one, you need to self-isolate yourself at your expenses after landing here. So, if you are searching for a relaxing honeymoon trip filled with lots of adventure within a budget, this one deserves special consideration. Such mesmerising landscapes and perfect opportunities for a fun-filled adventure trip make this place one of the best honeymoon places outside India.

Bottom Line

Your honeymoon will be your most romantic trip with your beloved partner. It would be the first trip to share with your soulmate right after your wedding. And hence, you need to plan every little detail of this trip to avoid any sort of hassles later. That is why make sure to get a decent travel planner for your trip.

There is no harm in planning your honeymoon trip. But it is advisable to get an expert to deal with all the complicated planning and bookings for you, while you enjoy your best trip with your partner. In case you need a decent service provider for both such arrangements and wedding banquets, you can check out Mallu Farms’ services.

Mallu Farms is a reputed name in the business since 1958. The company is renowned for hosting premium and corporate functions at affordable rates. They have some of the mesmerising venues ready for you to make your wedding and other events successful. Have you got any questions? Call them today!

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