dresses for bestfriend wedding
7 Dresses that’ll make you shine bright at your Best Friend’s Wedding
May 5, 2021
Wedding ideas that plans in delhi ncr
Wedding Ideas That You Can Plan in Delhi NCR
May 28, 2021
wedding decoration ideas

Planning a wedding could be really overwhelming, from choosing the best farmhouse in Delhi to the perfect décor for your wedding. The decorations at Indian weddings have long surpassed typical standards: simple hanging or crumpled curtains and flower arrangements. With the continuous emergence of new products and the creative thinking of wedding decorators to create fresh and unique wedding décor ideas, Indian wedding decor has enhanced in many ways in the past few years. Surprisingly, there is no turning back! From improving even the smallest decorative elements to focusing on fully established themes, simple ideas for Indian wedding decorations must have arisen!


Well, there is no doubt that this wedding décor idea will make your wedding photos fancy and colourful. In addition, the decoration of the photo booth can also make unforgettable moments with family and friends. Although this trend is nothing new, wedding decorators continue to overwhelm us with their out of the box ideas and fantastic backgrounds. One can incorporate these stylish photo booth ideas into their wedding and instantly add colour to the wedding decoration-from bohemian, rustic and floral photo booths to quirky custom photo booth.

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The Magic Forest theme is a clear and promising trend for the upcoming season for your posh wedding venue in Delhi! Fresh green ferns and leaves dotted with pastel flowers seem to have won hearts everywhere! They add a touch, but complement the theme, so they fit the background of an Indian wedding!

Indian Wedding Decoration Designs and Ideas

A look of shimmery and shining stage is straight out of a fairy-tale. The sparkling scene looked like it was in a dream. A simple white seat and a few well-lit candles-nothing else is needed for this magical and classic wedding scene. It can instantly create a beautiful appearance.

wedding decoration

When planning an unforgettable wedding, the details should be almost certainly perfect. This wedding season is the time for you to get out of your comfort zone and solve all problems once and for all. The mirror can be used as your wedding menu, bar, seating table or the basis of your unparalleled love. It can help you achieve that dreamy walk across the aisle towards your once in a lifetime love.

wedding decor

For the right reasons, soft wedding decorations have become the latest fashion in Indian weddings. Most millennials are going towards for these pastel hues because of the sophistication and luxurious feel they give. After seeing some beautiful pastel weddings, amazing mandalas, incredible furniture, amazing living rooms and amazing table decorations, we couldn’t help but reach an agreement. Among the young rose and ivory colours, some décor themes include pink blue, lavender, peach, turquoise and other unique shades which can be the perfect way to decorate your posh wedding venue in Delhi.

wedding decor in delhi ncr

Self-service drinks may be a new trend in wedding decorations, but it is a great idea to make guests happy all night. Just like the dessert wall, the beverage wall can also be used as a decoration for your wedding. Drink while chatting instead of waiting in a crowded bar line. Combined with other décor pieces (such as balloon arches, garlands or monogram signs), the drink wall stands out for all the right reasons.

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Nowadays, wedding photographers use various types of artificial light to take natural photos without feeling the horror of flashlights. What if we told you that this element can gently illuminate the entire wedding venue? Just hang the white umbrella in the whole room. Install yellow or white light bulbs on the roof of the room. The white fabric of the umbrella acts as a diffuser and emits white light throughout the wedding venue. Imagine the ideal location for a wedding, right? There are more ways to incorporate umbrella decor into your wedding decorations. The advantage of an umbrella is that it is like a blank white slate for you to use. Depending on the situation, you can choose to decorate it or paint it in different colours depending on the atmosphere that matches your wedding theme.

Unique Decor Elements in Weddings

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