The biggest problem with wedding trends, and how you can fix it
The biggest problem with wedding trends, and how you can fix it
February 19, 2021
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March 24, 2021
unique wedding ideas to wow your guest

Every couple looks over the internet or social media for unique inspirations or fancy ideas to use for their wedding day. However, at times, it becomes confusing and frustrating due to the humongous amount of ideas on the internet. Also, couples are not sure if they will get the exact results in the budget they are ready to pay. So if you are also one of those couples who want to do something unique, here are some unique ideas which you can use to wow your guests at your wedding. 

5 Unique wedding ideas to ‘wow’ your guest

  • Decoration
Decorations in wedding

Who doesn’t want a rustic, boho or garden wedding décor at a wedding banquet in South Delhi right out of Pinterest? Decorations are the first thing which you remember about a wedding. A décor reflects your personality and lifestyle and people can judge your taste by the look of the décor. You can choose any theme from the plethora of themes available on social media or offer by wedding planners from wedding venues in Chattarpur, South Delhi. What is more important is the placement of the theme. Do some research on these offerings and check the past work so you can trust the planner that he or she will do a better job. Some things you should also keep in mind when finalizing a décor –

  • The linen used in the décor should be clean and of good quality as a small stain can leave a bad impression on a guest. 
  • Add some LED, Mirchi or focused lights to glam up your decoration.
  • Avoid artificial flowers at weddings at least at places where people can touch them.
  • Synchronize things as per the theme chosen, even your favour bags, dresses, cakes etc to get that wow factor. 
  • Add special elements or accents such as lanterns, teacups, candles, flower centrepieces or cages matching the theme on guest tables, entrances or stages but don’t add too much. 
  • Involve your guest by adding some guest books or wish corners or hanging some collage of pictures or your love story around in the venue.
  • Entertainment
Entertainment in wedding

Recently I attended a friend’s wedding at Mallu Farms, a wedding venue in Chattarpur, South Delhi and I was impressed with the band she had organized for her wedding. There were so much involvement and fun. The moral of the story is you need to entertain your guests and involve them in your wedding. Even if you have a beautiful décor but no entertainment, your wedding will look dull and guests will leave the venue without any memory. There are lots of ideas which you can choose to entertain and involve your guest. Some of them which I personally like and will share with you are-

  • Take the song request from the guest and announce their name with the song and play for the couple.
  • Add some photo corners with props for your guest.
  • Add some cultural dance or wedding dance routines and involve your guest in them.
  • Hire a caricature or portrait artist to create live images of your guest.
  • Hire some jazz band or performer at your wedding or do a flash mob.
  • Add a quiz or games on each guest table to engage your audience
  • Hire an emcee if you want someone else to entertain your guest

Mallu farms, a wedding banquet in South Delhi helps clients in arranging entertainment services along with décor. 

  • Food 
Food in wedding

Another important factor which is remembered by your guest is food. Most of the wedding venues or caterers are keeping predefined food packages for weddings and people tend to go with these packages as they are cheaper than creating your own menu. However, a few additions and deletions won’t make much a difference to your price along with how you present it. Some unique tips you can plan to create the punch –

  • You can add some unique starters, salads or desserts to your menu and pre-taste them to make sure they are good. 
  • Add some unique funny food labels to your menu based on the theme you have selected for your wedding.
  • Discuss with your planner or caterer how differently you can serve or place the food.
  • You can also add some live counters, sweet station or food stalls like cotton candy or chocolate fountain with minimal décor.
  • Hire a mascot to serve a welcome drink to your guest. Isn’t this amazing?
  • Wedding Cake
wedding cakes

Believe it or not, small things matter the most. Weddings are all about details. If you have beautiful décor, out of the world performers, tasty food but your wedding cake is too simple and doesn’t match the theme or quality then all other efforts are pointless. You really need to hire a good baker and be very particular about the taste and look of your wedding cake. Many people go only by the look of the cake which is a big mistake. Both taste and look are very crucial when you are ordering your wedding cakes. It should also match the theme of your wedding and should be good enough for your guest in both amount and taste. 

  • Return Favors
Return Favors in wedding

Whenever we talk about weddings, we discuss what we are gifting to the couple or what we got as a favor at the wedding. There are many ideas for favors but it is very important to understand your crowd before deciding on your return gift. First of all, you need to set a budget for your favor and understand the liking of your audience. The favor should not be something lying in their drawers or as a waste for them. It should be of some utility that they can use or cherish as a remembrance of your wedding. Be very wise in deciding the gift and once you finalize on the favor, pack it uniquely in sync with the wedding theme. You can even customize the bags with their name imprinted. Hope our list of wedding ideas will help you to plan your wedding cleverly and give you some inspiration to use at your wedding. We would love to hear if you have some unique plants and are looking at how to implement them.

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