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May 15, 2021
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July 8, 2021
Wedding ideas that plans in delhi ncr

Wedding is a celebration of love, friendship, trust and partnership. This day is one of the most important days of your life, so you just don’t want to wing it, but you want to plan it perfectly.

Has the date of your wedding just been fixed and you are getting butterflies in your stomach already? Are you getting that ecstatic feeling that you are on the cloud9? If YES! then you might want to start working on planning your wedding, whether it be your engagement, sangeet or THE BIG DAY. You would want everything to go perfectly.

With so many options and so many ideas running through your mind, confused what to do?  Don’t panic, we are here with some ideas, from wedding decoration to theme of your wedding venue, to make your dream of your fairy tale wedding come true!

Let’s go royal

Are you a kind of person who is influenced by luxury and royalty? Ditch those mainstream floral decor ideas and go with the pillar style design for your mandap to give it a royal look. This is surely one of the best designs for your mandap and it will perfectly suit you. Make everything classic!
That is try to add classic flower strings, silk drapes and pillars. If you have that old chandelier, then make it a part of your design. There is a saying how one should live life king size? Then why not literally live your wedding day exactly like a king, using white and golden colours will perfectly supplement the royalty of the wedding theme.

royal wedding decors

Enter your wedding with a bang

Breaking the mainstream and thinking outside of the box have always been the goal of todays wedding planners in Delhi-NCR. So why not break the mainstream trend of entering the wedding alone. Why enter solo, when you can rock the entrance with your partner.

Make way for the cute couple! Vroom through with a vintage car for those retro vibes. Drive into your wedding venue with some retro style and drop some beats with a grand dhol band along with it. Transform a vintage vehicle into a gorgeous wedding ride with the help of some pastel coloured flowers.

wedding ideas

To explore more entry ideas, visit our best entrance ideas for bride and groom blog.

The Fairy Tale wedding

Don’t we all want our big day to be romantic and give the enchanting vibes? Making your fairy tale wedding dream come true is not just done by décor, but with music, attire and lighting as well.

Use all the twinkling lights you got for the perfect touch of twinkle in your wedding venue. Whether you go all in using the lights to cover the ceiling or go a little bit subtle using them in the backdrop behind your ceremony space, it is going to complete the Fairy tale wedding theme for you.

wedding planner in delhi ncr

Oh-so! Romantic Dinner

Choose a woodland table for your romantic dinner, post wedding, and decorate it with twinkling lights and some flowers. Give your dinner ambient lighting with fairy lights and candles, but also remember to keep lighting a bit low to make it romantic. Wait what? your venue doesn’t allow candles. Worry not, there are many non-flame artificial candles options out there that will make your venue look as splendid as it would have looked with candles.

Treat your guests with a large 3 tier wedding cake, there is nothing we love more than an original cake, and choosing to top yours with fruit can be a great way to bring a little pop of fun into your romantic decor.

party venues in delhi

The elegant flowers

Picking wedding blossoms can be somewhat of a difficult task however it shouldn’t be, basically get the assistance of a legitimate flower specialist who can do the work for you. From the marriage bouquet to flowers for the setting, blossoms are a great method to upgrade the visual effect of a wedding theme. Lovely wedding blossoms will dazzle your wedding venue. Use pastel-coloured flowers to make your wedding look splendid. But remember not to go overboard with the flower décor, filling every corner or available surface with flowers can be a major overkill.

wedding farmhouse in delhi ncr

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