unique wedding ideas to wow your guest
5 unique wedding ideas to wow your guest
March 6, 2021
Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Personalise Your Big Day
5 Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Personalise Your Big Day
April 12, 2021
most beautiful Wedding Cakes

When couples are planning their wedding, one of the most important elements which come to their mind is their wedding cake. From palette to the palate, 2021 has pushed the cake design to a different level. These cakes create a special statement at weddings in the most delicious way possible. These edible artworks have touched all walks of life inspired by different shapes, patterns, texture, themes and prints. The luxury cakes in the segment are a welcome site with unique designs and flavours. 

Traditionally, wedding cakes symbolize good luck for the couples and the people who ate it and thereon became part of the wedding ceremony. They have become an integral part of the wedding culture in almost every home. Today couples are particular about current wedding trends and are proactive about cake designs and flavours, constantly in touch with bakers and planners to ensure every element is well-coordinated and defined. To help you with the latest wedding ideas, we have come up with the 10 most trending and beautiful wedding cakes for your sweet tooth –

  • Grand Wedding Cakes

Grand wedding cakes as the name suggest, are tall and multi-tiered cakes and a focal point of any wedding or reception party. Some of them associate these tiers with the longevity of the wedding as the more the tiers, the merrier the wedding. These cakes will be surely remembered by your guest because of their height and massive nature and leave beautiful memories for you. The cake comes in different size, shape, designs, texture and themes. 

  • Floating Tier Wedding Cakes

The floating tier wedding cake trend is a favourite amongst luxury brides. These cakes are far from imagination and trendsetters on social media. These cakes are usually 3 or 5 tier cakes where the middle layer appears to be floating without any support. Acrylic boxes or pillars in disguise are used to create the desired effect. These cakes fit well with your wedding theme and color scheme and can captivate your guest. 

  • Carved Cakes
Carved Cakes

Carved or sculpted cakes take wedding cakes to a next level. You can engrave your initials on the cake, add a vintage design or an entire cake can be carved to create a unique texture or dimension. You can also create a 3d or 4d structure through this cake technique. So if you are the one who wants to add a unique cake sculpture at your weddings, go for carved cakes. 

  • Textured Wedding Cakes
Textured Wedding Cakes

A textured wedding cake can be created using ruffles, laces or pleats. These cakes are popular in intimate or small weddings as they add dimensions to a small cake ordered for micro weddings. They give extra volume and interest to the cake which can be further enhanced by adding flowers, pearls, metallic touch or glitter to your textured cake. Adding these cakes to your intimate wedding is one of the inexpensive wedding ideas you can use to control your budget and still have a marvellous cake on your plate.

  • Naked Cakes
Naked Cakes

One of the beautiful wedding trends in cakes, loved by many couples and decorators, is the naked cake. If you are planning a wedding with vintage, boho, rustic or garden themes, this cake will set an aright mood for your wedding. These cakes are nothing new but always add their charms to the wedding venue. Adding a beautiful floral or leafy décor around the cake table will add a mystic touch to your wedding. So why wait, order a naked cake!

  • Hand-painted Cakes

Adding a hand-painted cake and cupcakes are one of the great wedding ideas which are quite popular these days. A cake is a canvas where the baker paints all its creativity and creates a beautiful masterpiece. Edible food paints and gold paints are used to paint these gorgeous cakes. Wedding cake bakers use bare hands or various stencils to create this edible beauty.  It can be well combined with ruffles or any other texture to enhance the look. 

  • Upside down cakes
Upside down cakes

Have you ever noticed an upside-down cake? I am always stunned by the idea of an upside-down cake and it looks like a beautiful piece of art. With their gravity-defying appearance, these cakes are definitely an eye-catcher for your wedding. 

The bakers add crystals and edible flowers to enhance their looks for your wedding day. Many bakers suggest these cakes for their clients who are looking for unique ideas and want to create a statement at party venues like a luxurious wedding farmhouse in Delhi

  • Lace cakes
Lace cakes

Edible lace has always been an intricate part of cake decoration. These designs can be laid over any fondant, gum paste or frozen buttercream cakes and bring a vintage touch to your parties. Lace wedding cakes are timeless classics. With the current decorating trends of the barn, boho or vintage style, the lace cakes are a perfect match with the concept. It also goes well with the interiors of many party venues such as Mallu Farm, a wedding farmhouse in Delhi.  You can either choose an entire cake in lace or use it as a contrasting element. Either way, your cake will definitely look stunning at your wedding venue. 

  • Geode Cake
Geode Cake

True beauty is what reflects outside should be inside as well and what if you get a cake that reflects both worlds. Confused? With the Geode cakes, you get the view of both outside and inside of the cake and these cakes come in stunning designs. A definite show stopper to consider at your wedding! 

  • Marble cakes
Marble cakes

Marble cakes are the most elegant and modern types of cake which are trending this year. With 2 tiers or more, these cakes come in different colors and effects. Whether you add a dripping effect with some fresh fruits or flowers or add a metallic texture with a beautiful cake topper, these cakes look gorgeous at your wedding and pull the crowd. 


Our 10 wedding cake designs will inspire you to talk to your baker and create a design that will reflect your personality and add more sweetness to your newlywed life along with your friends and family. Bookmark our website for more information and the latest wedding trends.

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