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March 24, 2021
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Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Personalise Your Big Day

Every groom or bride wants his/her wedding to be a special event. Ceremony ideas involving something unique and unorthodox about the decorations, arrangements, etc., are all they look for. If you have your wedding coming up in a few months, here are some excellent wedding planning ideas that will make your wedding personalised. 

Who would not like to add a dose of self to the overall arrangement of the wedding party or the reception ceremony? Be it the wedding cake, the wedding decoration or the dress you are planning to wear, you can make each item personalised if you want. 

The best part is that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make your wedding ceremony bespoke. A couple of smart wedding ideas would be enough to lend your event the edge of customisation. Read on to explore how you can add a touch to your upcoming wedding ceremony. 

1. Use Pre-Wedding Photos For Decoration

Let the entire venue be vocal about the love and warmth you share with your groom or bride-to-be. Pre-wedding photoshoots are a common thing these days. Most couples opt for artistic photoshoots that frame their love perfectly and adequately. 

Use Pre-Wedding Photos For Decoration

These photographs will always be an anecdote of your love and relationship in the times to come. However, decorating the wedding venue with a few selected copies of these photographs will be an excellent idea as well. Place the photos strategically not to overcrowd the walls yet to add a vibe of life and warmth to the ambience. This can indeed be a wise wedding idea for personalised decorations. 

You can also keep a few photographs arranged on the table where you have placed the wedding cake. Decorating the wedding table properly is critical for lending the surrounding a personalised look.  Choose the photos carefully. You can also include a few family photos or childhood photos to add a tinge of nostalgia to your wedding. 

2. Wear Your Grandma’s Veil

In Indian weddings, veils or ‘dupattas’ play a critical role in defining the bride’s look. Red veils adorned with zari embellishments are particularly popular for Indian weddings. However, you can choose a veil of any shade of your choice to suit your wedding lehenga. 

While buying a new one is what everyone does, wearing an ancestral one on your wedding day would indeed be an innovative idea. Of many ceremony ideas that can make your wedding a personalised one, this is simply one of the best. 

It reflects your love and respect for your family and the gravity you attach to tradition and heritage. If the veil has a few damages here and there, get those fixed and let your grandma’s veil be the witness for your union with your loved one as well. No matter the wedding dress colour, a family veil will always be perfect for any bridal dress at any time. 

3. Get the Dining Table Sitting Arrangement Be Personalised

If you want your wedding ceremony to be unique, this can be an innovative and catchy wedding idea at any time. Every popular wedding theme pays special attention to the dining space of the event. This is the place where most people gather. Food remains integral to every wedding, and guests remember the quality of food served for a long time. 

Also, the decoration of the catering area leaves an indelible impression on the guests’ minds. Think how pleasantly people will be surprised to find their names written on tables. It would be more like assigning everyone an individual place to sit and dine. No confusion, no chaos, no waiting for seats to get empty. Guests will simply get a place dedicated to them for sitting and enjoying the food and beverages. 

This arrangement indeed requires an elaborate arrangement and sprawling area. Most of the lavish wedding venues offer theme-based arrangements and sprawling catering areas to accommodate individual places for every guest.  Open-air arrangements will also be excellent if you wish to personalise the catering area. 

4. Personalised napery on the dining tables

Plenty of wedding events keep several round tables with three-four seats around each scattered all over the catering area. This helps the guests settle with families without making the place overcrowded. Fine dining facilities include fine quality crockery and napery. 

You can use these napkins to add a touch of personalisation to your wedding. Let a catchy note of gratitude, addressed to the gussets, for attending the wedding ceremony, be there on each napkin. No matter the wedding theme, this warm gesture will suit every decoration and every arrangement perfectly. 

You can also depict your names under the note to make it more customised. With such heart-touching arrangements, your guests will not only get enthralled but also cherish the event for a long time. 

5. Welcome Your Guests with Personalised Signage

What can be a more enticing way of welcoming your guests than using personalised signage right at the entrance of the venue? You can surely consult the experts to design the signage keeping the wedding theme in mind. 

Welcome Your Guests with Personalised Signage

Using a regular photograph of you and your partner can be a straightforward way of personalising the decoration. However, to add a dose of fun, you can also use caricatured photos of you and your partner. You can also add a few lines or quotes to welcome your guests or brighten up the mood of the ceremony. 

Weddings always call for huge arrangements, careful execution, and the right choices. If planning a personalised wedding is on your mind, make sure to consider the ideas mentioned above. You can also seek the advice of expert wedding planners. 

Consulting the professionals will always offer you more insight into the process. However, no matter what your idea of a personalised wedding plan is, you can always engage the professionals to turn your dreams into reality. You will get wed once, but the memories will remain forever. Hence, make every moment as unique as you can by lending your wedding a touch of you.

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