How to save money on wedding venues?
How to save money on wedding venues?
February 2, 2021
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5 unique wedding ideas to wow your guest
March 6, 2021
The biggest problem with wedding trends, and how you can fix it

Each year comes with new seasons, fashions, décor and wedding trends and everyone wants their wedding to be in-line with these current trends and wedding ideas. A wedding is a very special occasion in everyone’s life and couples with their family spend many months planning their wedding. With the happiness of getting married also comes nervousness. Wedding couples want everything to be perfect whether it’s a decoration, food, invitation or the attire itself and therefore, are always tensed about the arrangements. 

So, let us understand and learn from some of the common mistakes of wedding trends, to prepare ourselves on how we can avoid these mistakes or fix them in our own wedding. 

  • A contingency plan should always be in place

Romantic garden style wedding or magical fairytale outdoor wedding with beautiful floral decorations and hanging lights from trees is a dream wedding for all couples. The theme is in trends this year. However, the couples should be ready with a contingency plan in case of bad weather conditions. This is the most common mistake that people do without having any contingency plan. 

contingency plan

The first step for couples is to check the weather forecast a week before their wedding. They should consult their decorator or people involved intent work on what are the possibilities and plans in case of sudden rain or thunderstorm as the wedding planners are experienced and more equipped to tackle these conditions. The couples should also speak to the venue if they can arrange for a hall as a backup in case of sudden bad weather conditions. Mallu Farms, a wedding venue in Chattarpur, South Delhi is an ideal wedding venue with both indoor and outdoor arrangements to keep things in control. 

  • Fireworks should be avoided
Fireworks should be avoided

Who doesn’t like fireworks but using traditional ones is not a good idea as it leads to a lot of disturbance and pollution. You can enjoy your wedding without bursting a cracker but if it is still important, use eco-friendly ones as they are safe for you as well as the environment. 

  • Digital Photobooth

Digital Photobooth is in decline now. Instead, you can create an intimate area or backdrop for photos and use it as a photo corner in other ceremonies such as sangeet or Mehendi so you can enjoy more with your friends and family.

  • Never-ending performance

Bridesmaids or your siblings would like to perform on your wedding day. This should be planned well before the d-day and coordinated well with an emcee or an anchor as without prior rehearsals or planning it will be a never-ending story and messy too. You might have to arrange some equipment like mike, sound systems or light for such activities. 

  • Wedding Favors
Wedding Favors

Another mistake people make is choosing a wedding favours which might be in trend but of no utility. You don’t want to choose a favour which might be another object added to your drawer and never used again. Instead, choose either simple or object which has some utility for your guest. 

  • Wedding Attire should match your personality 

When you attended any wedding of your friend or relative, all the gazes turned to the door, before the bride or groom could enter the hall. The look of the couple is very important on their wedding day. Couples get anxious before their wedding ceremony about their attire. Frequent questions come to their mind on which attire to select and whether the dress is in sync with the current fashion and whether they will stand out in the crowd while wearing the dress? Brides and groom buy fashionable clothing and accessories for their wedding. Choosing fashionable clothes is great but one must also think about whether the dress is a good fit or not. The attire should also reflect the personality of an individual and not just a fashionable piece of cloth. Also, it should be in sync with the theme of your wedding. 

  • Dress codes should be for intimate weddings
Dress codes should be for intimate weddings

Keeping a dress code for your theme wedding might sound charming and in vogue but practically it is not possible when you have a huge guest list of all ages. Not many people will follow the rules and dress according to their choice. The same can be considered in micro weddings where guests are not more than 50 people. 

  • Multiple Dress Changes should be minimal

Changing your attire for different ceremonies and photo sessions might give a WOW factor to many as it gives a feeling of a celebrity or film star changing her or his clothes on varying occasions. It might look 15 minutes to change a dress but for a bride, you also need to look great with respect to your make-up or hairstyle. And it takes much more than just 15 minutes. Not only that, a wedding day is the most awaited day for a person’s life so a groom and bride should enjoy their day rather than wasting time on changing clothes. Two dresses in a day should be good enough for the couples to look good and enjoy their day at the same time. 

  • Niche themes should be avoided

Niche wedding themes like geometric backdrops might look like an interesting idea but these themes are short-lived. Couples might look at their photos years after their wedding and might find themselves trapped in these awkward themes. It is always advisable to plan a wedding around a theme which is evergreen and looks chic at the same time. You can add uniqueness to the theme by adding some elements to it but the theme as a whole looks beautiful.

Another point which you should consider while choosing a theme is it should match your personality just like wedding attire. If you are an introvert and shy person, a loud or beech theme might not suit your personality similarly if you are a party type person, a classical theme wedding might be boring to you. 

  • Match your Decoration with the overall ambience

Using artificial flowers, trees, foliage and dry petals are in trend. But this doesn’t mean that you should use it any time of the year. The decoration is also used based on location, season, day or theme. One should not always add things because they are in trend but because it should look good. Another example is green foliage which is used on tables. If not kept properly, it will look messy and difficult to handle. Also, the stage should not be overpopulated with décor elements. It should look classy and not a museum. Mallu Farms, a well-designed wedding venue in Chattarpur, South Delhi offers a great platform for many elegant and tastefully done decorations for its customers. 

ConclusionThere are a plethora of wedding ideas on the net on the latest wedding trends but the problem with wedding trends is that it can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes not our cup of tea. Hope our list of the problems with wedding trends will prepare you from committing mistakes or fix it on time.

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