Places You Can Consider for Your Honeymoon Right Now Despite COVID
5 Places You Can Consider for Your Honeymoon Right Now Despite COVID
January 19, 2021
The biggest problem with wedding trends, and how you can fix it
The biggest problem with wedding trends, and how you can fix it
February 19, 2021
How to save money on wedding venues?

We all know that although weddings are the most important and memorable days in our life, they can be an expensive affair. Even a small expense can go beyond the set budget. This doesn’t mean that you will have to cut down on enjoyment and fun which you have planned for your day. But it helps us think of more creative ways to save money on wedding ceremonies.

Here are some tips and tricks which you can use to plan the perfect wedding you have dreamt of –

  • Book your wedding day on an off day, time or season
Book your wedding day on an off day, time or season

Booking your wedding day during wedding season or on a weekend will cost you pretty much. However, if you book it on an offseason or weekday, you will be able to save a lot of cash. Generally, wedding months are between October and December and January to March. You can even look for a wedding lunch or brunch to even save more money. You can also get a lot of deals and discounts for dates which have been cancelled at the last minute so keep a watch. 

  • Go for Packages

Wedding venues offer a great all-inclusive package right from picking your guest from the airport till your ‘vidai’.  When you are booking halls or wedding farms, you should enquire for the packages and services available as this can save a lot of money. As wedding farms offer huge discounts and deals on these packages plus you can save yourself from the hassle of coordinating with so many vendors at the same time. 

  • Stay in one venue
Stay in one venue

You can save a lot when planning all your ceremonies at the same venue. In doing so, you can save on logistics cost, decoration and many more. Also, when you are doing all the functions at one venue, you might get deals or discounts at one place or at least an extra service for free. So always ask for these deals while booking a place. Farmhouses in Delhi offer huge discounts when people book one venue for all their ceremonies. 

  • Use the venue services
wedding venues

Most wedding venues have their own decorators, sound or DJ services, caterers etc. and you can save a lot on your wedding by picking these services as you get a chance to save on logistic cost. Some wedding venues offer great lighting which can save you on heavy floral decorations. Check for these options as well when considering your wedding venue.

  • Use Twice

You can reuse some of the items in your ceremonies and reduce the cost. E.g. A photo booth used in a Mehendi ceremony can also be reused in the evening sangeet as a backdrop or flower bouquets can be reused as centrepieces for dining tables. You can be creative at your wedding and smart with your finance. 

  • Stay Organized
Stay Organized

Don’t rush at buying things and booking services for your wedding. Plan a theme or colour for your wedding first and prepare a checklist. Once your checklist is prepared, search for venues. You should not settle for one place or person. Talk to at least 2 to 3 people and choose wisely. Rushing at things can be an expensive mistake. Once you are sure and decided, then only spend money. 

  • Book-keeping

Bookkeeping is very important in planning your wedding and controlling your budget. You should keep a track of all the items you are buying during your wedding along with the price you pay for those items. This way you will not get any nasty surprises when you will reach the final cost. There are many spreadsheets available for free online to help you make one for yourself. 

  • Trim your guest list
Trim your guest list

It may sound bad, but trimming the number of people you want to invite will definitely help you to stay in your budget. You are the one to invite your guest so choose wisely. You should check with your assigned associate at the wedding place on cost per head, which will help you decide on the number of guests you can invite to the list. When the numbers of people are also less, you can also choose a relevant hall which might turn up less costly than another hall at the same location. You can even choose some of your friends for one occasion and other groups for other occasions. This way you invite everyone and no one is unhappy with you. 

  • Check on BYOB venues (BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE)

We all know that alcohol plays a huge role in celebration and it’s a costly affair. However, you can check with venues if you can bring your own drink as many venues allow it with some corkage fee. You can buy these drinks in advance to save some money on a duty-free shelf or from a friend who is travelling abroad to get cheaper yet branded stuff. 

  • Compare! Compare! Compare!

Before finalizing any wedding venue or planner, compare rates on the internet. There are various apps or websites available where you can compare prices offered by different venues based on services offered. 

  • Cut down on Unnecessary Cost
Cut down on Unnecessary Cost

If you are not a fan of heavy jewellery or designer clothes, you can cut down this expenditure and save money. Also, venues offer some themes for decoration which are reused by them. You can check for these themes and save a lot as they are less expensive than making an entirely new set of décor. 

  • Ask to pay in full

Many Vendors and venues offer good discounts when you are paying in one shot. If you already know a vendor or a place which you think is reliable, you can check for these offers as this can help in reducing overall cost and save on your budgets. 


you keep in mind these above points, you will be able to save a lot of expenditure on your wedding day. We hope that these suggestions will help you to plan your dream wedding within your budget and if you have your own ideas, do share with us. If you have any queries regarding wedding venues, you can get in touch with Mallu farms, a farmhouse in Delhi.

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