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10 Bride Poses That Every Bride Must Have in Their Wedding

Each one of us wants our wedding day to be an unforgettable memory as it involves so much effort, several months of planning just to make sure everything is perfect. Although wedding revelries are just a 2-3 days affair, photographs are what you’ll cherish forever. A wedding album is definitely incomplete without some epic bridal shots. That is why we bring you a collection of best possible bridal poses that’ll make you wanna get married right away!

1. Candid Shots

These are a must feature in your bridal portrait! All you have to do is to ask the photographer to capture you everywhere, all the time and especially at your happy moments. These candid pictures are what that’ll make you smile ever after years of your marriage.

2. Fun Shots

Gone are the days when brides used to be all traditional and shy, the modern-day bride knows how to turn on the swag mode. Add a champagne glass or a wine glass or jump into a pair of cool sneakers and you’re all set to get all the eyeballs rolling in.

3. Getting-Ready Shots

A new trend has started among the present-day brides of getting clicked while getting ready for taking the big leap! While you’re draping your dupatta, fixing your jewellery or simply applying a lipstick, make sure that your photographer is there to capture you at your best. You can even pose with the stunning lehenga, whether it is hung on the wall or evenly spread over the bed.

4. Jewellery Shots

The wedding attire isn’t complete unless and until jewellery sets are added to it. The bridal jewellery is extremely dear to every bride and what better way to cherish them forever than having some great photos of them. Adjusting an earring, nath or mathapatti, makes for a super pretty shot.

5. Mirror Shots

Donning an exquisite bridal lehenga with dazzling jewellery and elegant makeup for the most special day of your life calls for some amazing bridal mirror shots. Everyone is likely to swoon over your gorgeous bridal glory, but you too must adorn your bride-self in the mirror on your wedding day. After you’re done getting ready, ask the photographer for some mirror shots and see him weave magic with the camera lenses!

6. Top Angle Shots

The top angle shots can do wonders to your bridal poses. The high angle shots creatively capture the face with your breath-taking eyes and the eye makeup and we can’t stop crushing over it!

7. Black and White portraits

While every picture manages to save a moment, the black and white images capture the very emotion in it! What’s more is that when you’re going through a wedding album, those few black and white shots provide a refreshing change from all the bright colours. Therefore, make sure to get a timeless portrait in black and white which you can treasure for generations to come.

8. Trail Shots

If you are a bride who loves being dramatic, then you can’t say no to the trail trend. Either the dupatta is very long which makes the trail or the lehenga skirt itself makes the trail, whichever way it is, the bridal poses that come along with it exudes magnificence.

9. Twirl Shots

When you’ve spent months finding that perfect lehenga for your wedding, why not to flaunt it like a boss on your D-day? Though a cliché bridal wedding pose, another fabulous bridal poses idea is the twirl shots. Not only does it capture the happiness on the bride’s face but you get to see how beautiful the bridal ensemble is!

10. Veil Shots

Whenever the discussion of ‘must-have bridal photos’ pops up, the veil shot always manages to shine. Veils are the see-through and the clicks in which your gorgeous face is visible through the veils, make for the ideal combination.


To conclude, it can be said that these are some of the bridal pose ideas that can make your wedding album Insta-worthy! Other than these poses, you can also refer to your wedding photographers to know some unique ideas.

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