Things you should know before hiring a wedding planner
Things you should know before hiring a wedding planner
August 17, 2019
Emotional Thoughts that a family have during the Wedding
Emotional Thoughts that a family have during the Wedding
August 28, 2019
15 Tips that makes your wedding Awesome

Wedding occasion today are one of the most celebrated occasion in Delhi, it is not, what people assume as unnecessary display of wealth. It is an indeed display emotions which are perceived differently by different people. It is assumed that way because the wedding planer decides how to plan a wedding step by step. Wedding is considered as an event of many feelings. The feeling of joy, feeling of get together with distant relatives, feeling of partying and getting into expensive fancy wedding dresses, and getting adorned with exquisite jewellery.

The excitement of wedding shopping and hunting which come after many tips from different people. The couple is excited because their relationship will now carry a sign of official authority of one another, and both are desperately looking forward to the couple photoshoot on the wedding day.Including this, the pre-wedding photoshoot gets their adrenaline rising for the wedding photoshoot, and to the post-wedding photoshoot. The couple has a wedding checklist, which is toppled with all their various demands, their needs so they stand out of the rest. The list has a section of their wedding vows which is a compilation of wedding day quotes with consists of promises they made to each other as young couples, or when they first met or promises made during the courtship period.

Wedding is not union of the couple but also union of two families who earlier met as parents of couple. It is their re-union after establishing a new relationship. The wedding, and functions related with a wedding involves deep bounding of the family as their play equivalent role for a successful wedding. Yes, you guessed it rite, they are also part of much awaited photoshoot both during and before the wedding. Delhi wedding are considered to the best because they are exquisite family vocation, sorry, time-out.

Mallu farms Chhatarpur organize/manage a bunch of wedding functions:

Ladies/grooms mehndi-sangeet: On this occasion the bride and groom are painted or enamored with dark green color on their hands and feet as part of the tradition, also to protect them from bad sight. It is a mark of sigh-spot, popularly known as ‘nazar ka tikka’

This is followed by unofficial cocktail night by the both families, to mark the commencement of the wedding celebration. This night is filled with fervor, love and blessings for the couple.

Next to follow are few official functions on both sides, which are considered as necessary for God’s and elder’s blessings. These are part of the ceremony because they are part of wedding planning timeline.

Engagement or ‘lagan’, the families of the bride and groom perform of collection of various songs, not displaying their skills but out of excitement and pure love. This followed by the official cocktail.

The final day before the wedding, or the countdown day, includes performing some official ladies sangeet and some ‘puja’; at night there is another small get-together and official cocktail party with close relatives.

15 Tips that makes your wedding Awesome

  1. By the time the wedding comes close they already have denoted each with lovey-dovey names which is symbol of the richness of their love.  They discuss their wedding vows, start discussing about the wedding attire, the wedding venue and different banquets hall near them for holding a separate get together for their friends and close ones. This event is termed as the bachelor/bachelorette party, or a day exclusively for the young to get fully drown in the feel of the wedding.
  2. Discussing their budget (yes, wedding is a onetime event, but it is necessary they spend the prescribed amount of money set aside for the event by their parents, and out of their personal savings), and according to that choosing a unique and classic theme for the wedding. It’s important that the couple is aware of each other budget, it is not pertaining to the money they spend but more importantly to the closeness of the couple. Setting realistic targets as well because venues are generally not cheap, especially the beautiful ones. The chosen, or commonly agreed upon venue by the couple is a merger of ascription by considering all available option. This budget includes the costs of photo shoot as well. This step also looking down the venue by paying advance money, and also advance money to the team of photographers and choreographers.
  3. Including a unique or exclusive element of surprise. During their dating period, or courtship period in-case of arrange marriage they’re fully conscious of others likes and dislikes. This involves hiring and getting a professional choreographer on-board to get their friends and family off their chairs and onto the dance floor. The dance performances form a memorable part of the wedding, and everlasting memories. If the couple is not comfortable in performing in front of such big crowd with their heavy dresses on; they might mutually agree for booking an event-management displaying the story of how they met, fell in love, and finally decided to tie the knot. This includes on how the to be groom proposed the bride.
  4. How many guests are you expecting: Couples most often don’t stick to the size they initially decide on? But it shouldn’t stop them from having an idea of how many people they would want to entertain. It’s important to have that bit cleared up so the payment of vendors can be cleared and must know how much the caterer charging per-plate to the wedding. The selection process includes, going to different wedding and tasting the caters food before finalizing amongst the chosen ones. Post-this they discuss about the size of the wedding, whether they want a big or small and more-refined wedding? Deciding on the number of guests they want at the wedding, whether 1000 or 1500 guests? This singular decision makes a whole lot of difference in relation to the price.
  5. Now comes, discussion about the most interesting idea, talking about the food and the drinks to be served. Wedding is a big occasion, including mixed gathering, which consists of half people from side of bride and the other half which consists of the groom’s relatives and acquaintances. Food mostly served is vegetarian in such a big gathering. In-case of non-veg food, there is division section separating veg food from non-veg. Coming to drinks, drinks mostly consists of mocktails if otherwise demanded.
  6. Mapping, transportation and getting there?

Delhi, apart from its wedding is also famous for its traffic. The couple, and the close relatives must plan the most suitable, and not so busy route to reach the venue. Most of the times, the guest ends up abusing the family instead of giving blessing to the couple. This also leads to wastage of food; the couple and family is already prepared for such happenings.

They contact an NGO of the deprived, or an old age home for distributing the excess of food, which was not consumed and would otherwise go down the drain. These are the best blessing that the couple would receive.

The weather factors, these mostly influence the gathering. Sometimes, it’s too cold or too hot. The assembling of the guest largely dependent on the weather conditions. This factor is as important as discussing the mapping and transportation. The organizers of the event must be prepared to handle the tantrums of the guest, in both conditions. To avoid this, the venue must be equipped with heaters or air-conditioner.

Games, the little ones or those not closely related usually get bored at the wedding. To avoid this, the organizers must be prepared with a plan. For ex, installing toys for the young ones, etc.

Wedding cake, most of the guest leave after having their dinner. The couple can slice an pre-designed cake to celebrate their special day.

Tricks: a magician or a bar tender can keep the audiences hooked to the event. Yes, this comes under the job of the event organizer but sometimes they miss on this. The organizers must be prepared in such cases.

Give unique wedding flavors: Giving unique wedding flavors that show off your culture or tie into your wedding theme get the party going. An exotic blend of tea, personalized fortune cookies or mithais with a modern twist (anyone for besan, role or petal barfi)

Dare to be a little different: A luxury wedding venue, show-stopping model or celebrity, or South Indian dance in a dhoti will charm your guests and give them something to remember long after the big day’s over.

Portrait: yes, you read it rite. Everyone likes to get clicked when they’re dressed up. When everyone would be busy taking selfies, arraigning a specific frame for them will fill the guest with fervor.

Valet parking is usually a big concern for the guest. Arranging valet parking will be a big boost for them.

Sweet tooth: all wedding usually have the common sweet-dish. Here, you can definitely win them if have something different.


Make the occasion special for everyone, by following the above article.

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