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A Guide to COVID-19 Wedding In Delhi

Hearing people getting married in the pandemic is not so uncommon now. What is more uncommon is planning your own wedding in the Covid-19 situation and feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff and a lot of precautions to take. Just know that you are not alone. While some people are obliged to plan their postponed wedding once again, others have found an excuse to plan a minimal wedding they always wanted. No matter whatever your reasons are, the precautions and the strict planning to be done will be the same for everyone. 

Well, every state has its own regulations and guidelines for covid-19. Speaking about Delhi, we can’t deny the fact that this one has become the most vulnerable and covid affected state among all. In any case, if you are planning to get married this season and searching for wedding venues in Delhi, here is an important checklist and a brief guide for you to follow while experiencing your dream wedding!

Downsizing the Guest List

Simpler than you think!

Downsizing the Guest List

If you planned your wedding before lockdown and you had to postpone, there are great chances that you probably need to cut a good amount of guests from the guest list to meet the wedding guidelines and have a smaller wedding. Well, you don’t need to worry! 

We have got some good advice for you.

Start with the people you can’t envision your big day without. 

These are the individuals that you totally need to have at your wedding, regardless of how little of a list of attendees you’re working with. Consider those individuals that were the absolute initial ones you were unable to hold back to tell about your wedding. They are likely the same people that you are in touch with, on a regular basis. So, they are the ones you should add to your rundown first. It is a great idea to contact these people (over text or email or on the telephone!) to affirm that they’re accessible on the date you expect to get hitched. Doing so will assist you in deciding the number of extra visitors you can welcome. 

Slice anybody that you don’t converse with consistently 

This may not be simple, yet it’s one of the most straightforward strategies for restricting your wedding list of attendees. O’Mara suggests just welcoming those visitors that have been with you lately and have constant conversations. Cutting off missing cousins, friends, or neighbors that you have not been in touch with lately, is the best way to narrow down your list. Your guests probably know that you’re trying to manage uncontrollable issues at hand and may even be happy or relieved to not be on your welcome list at this current point as expected. 

Cut down the plus ones

In your push to keep your list of your guests as little as could be expected under the circumstances, it bodes well to not offer the guests to bring their plus ones with them. Most visitors will totally understand your need to eliminate your list of attendees and, in case you’re somebody they really care about profoundly, will at present be in participation without their better half. On the off chance that they choose not to go to without an in addition to one, you are doubly fruitful in chopping down your list of people to attend. 

Give visitors the choice to go virtual 

Letting your guests attend the wedding virtually by incorporating several ways for the same would be the best way possible if you want to celebrate your big day with everyone. One of the great alternatives to choose for virtuality is to hire a camera person who can record live video for your wedding on various platforms such as Instagram or YouTube (wherever your guests are comfortable) and let your virtual guests dance along to your wedding songs playing on the dance floor. These little subtleties can make life-changing minutes on the big day.

Dos and Don’ts for the Guests

There will be several other guests at the wedding who will be coming from different areas of the city or probably be there after traveling hundreds of kilometers from outside Delhi. No matter how many precautions the wedding planners take, you don’t wanna be careless on your part.

Considering this, here are a few dos and don’ts for the guests to keep in mind.

Basic Rules to Follow

Before mentioning any precautions, you must keep in mind the basic rules to avoid the spread of coronavirus at the wedding. The best way to attend an event safely is to wear masks when you are not eating or drinking anything, especially when you are talking to other guests. Social distancing is not a new thing to mention. Do not unnecessarily touch any object and try to avoid touching people such as hugging or shaking hands. Nobody wants to risk their health just for the sake of an intimate greeting.

Avoid salads, curd, raw paneer, leafy vegetables

Avoid salads, curd, raw paneer, leafy vegetables

Avoid eating anything raw like salads, curd, paneer, or leafy vegetables, or even anything cold. The caterers also need to ensure hygiene at their best as it is a challenge to overcome at a gathering like a wedding. 

Also, always use tissues or wet wipes to wipe the plates and bowls before eating or use them to take the servings from bowls and discard them later on. 

Avoid touching your face

Avoid touching your face

Not touching your face should be a habit you must incorporate in your lives by now, especially when you are at social gatherings. Even if you find the urge to touch the face, get your hands sanitized before the same. 

Let’s end here!

Regardless of whether it’s simply you and your boo, a couple of VIP visitors, or your closest ones, we have a setting that offers a wide assortment of wedding spaces that will possess all the necessary qualities. Mallu Farms, a prominent farmhouse in Delhi is one of the highest-rated banquet halls and farmhouses in Delhi that can make your day indeed a big one! 

Still not convinced? Check out The official guidebook for Covid-19 help!

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