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April 12, 2021
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7 Barn Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas

Indian weddings are all about extravagant arrangements, series of events, a reunion of families and friends, and more. While the spirit and the plush of these big fat weddings remain the primary attraction and the very soul of the occasion, wedding theme and décor also count for much significance. One of the aspects of decoration that snatched most of the attention is the wedding table decoration.

 You indeed have to pay attention to the overall setup of the venue. However, wedding tables remain at the centre of the event. Hence, most people gather around this area and take a close look at the decorations done. Also, this is the place that exhibits the central theme of the wedding. If you plan for a personalised decoration on your wedding, decking up the wedding table will be a critical one for sure. 

Another thing that makes all the difference for a wedding arrangement is the selection of venue. A rightly chosen wedding venue is the first requirement to add vogue to your arrangements and accommodate every little thing appropriately. Indian weddings go on for several days, and each event holds its individual importance. 

Hence, the venue is of paramount importance as holding the functions properly is only possible if space permits you to do so. Before choosing the right wedding table decorations, pick the best place to organise the event. Once you have found the right venue for the wedding, here are some unique barn reception table decoration ideas to decorate the wedding table to deliberate personalised appeal. 

Barn Table Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

Barn decoration must look rustic as barns signify the countryside nature that reflects more woods, mud, leaves, and flowers. Anything and everything that is a part of nature can be a part of this decoration. Sticking to earthy shades and subtle arrangements can be an intelligent way to bring a fragment of the barn onto your wedding table. Read on to explore the unique ways of wedding table decorations following the theme of a barn. 

1. Wooden Tables and Chairs 

 Nothing upholds the spirit of a barn more than woods. Use wooden chairs and tables in the first place to decorate the wedding table area. This is also the place where most people gather to enjoy their food. Therefore the surrounding wall decorations and all other accessories like the napery, crockery, etc., should match the rustic appeal of the tables. 

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Use white or subtle tone curtains and a lot of orchids of subtle shades to add to the beauty of the place. Placing flower arrangements on the tables at regular intervals will only speak of your refined aesthetics. Make sure to turn your gala day into a memorable one by lending the wedding table a unique rustic appeal. 

2. Use a Barn and Decorate It

 What about arranging the wedding tables inside a real barn? Most of the farmhouses that host wedding ceremonies keep a barn area separate for decorations. If you have set the wedding date during the monsoon or summer, a little shelter while eating would always be an added advantage. 

How to Decorate a Barn for a Wedding | LoveToKnow

Hence, if the wedding venue has a barn, use its wooden walls and unique structure to apply your rustic table decoration ideas. Place a tiered wedding cake in the middle of the table and decorate with while lilies and frilled fine quality clothes. The simplicity and subtleness of the decoration will add to the spirit of the decoration. 

3. Decorate the Lace with Lights

Decorate the Lace with Lights

Weddings are happy events and signify a celebration of love and commitment. A little light would always match the spirit of it. Use festoon lights and fairy lights to decorate your barn theme wedding tables. You can also wrap a few strings of twinkling lights around the wooden beams on the ceiling to add to the splendour of the decoration. Simplistic yet vibrant, adding lights of different sizes and shapes can be a brilliant table decoration idea. 

4. Use Balloons for the Decoration

Balloons are always ideal for decoration. Even though people prefer balloons for birthdays more than weddings, balloons can be an excellent choice for rustic decoration. Let the round shapes balloons of different shades hang from the wooden ceiling of the barn, and the interior will assume a rustic vibe instantly. 

Use Balloons for the Decoration

Use giant balloons of subtle shades like white, light blue, pale pink, etc. One thing you should always keep in mind that rustic arrangements should include items fabricated in earthen hues. Fluorescent colours distract attention and do not match the sublime spirit of rustic decorations of the wedding hall. 

5. Use Drapes to Add Elegance

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Even a barn can give the vibes of a regal wedding. Use drapes and behold the place, assuming a sudden change in its appearance.   To maintain the venue’s rustic touch or the hall, use while curtains for decorating the ceiling of the barn. The drapes hanging from the wooden beams always add definition to a barn theme wedding decoration. Especially for wedding table decoration, drapes can do wonders just by simply being there.

6. Place Barrels Here and There

Place Barrels Here and There

If you are planning to keep the wedding table arrangements open-air, think of items that can lend the area a rustic barn look. Barrels can be a good choice here. Wooden barrels always lend a spec a rustic look that every barn has. Place the barrels in an arranged manner across the wedding hall or the place where you are thinking of placing the wedding tables. Place a flower arrangement atop the barrels, and your decoration would look unique and appealing. 

7. Ribbon Chandeliers 

Hand a few ribbon chandeliers from the ceiling, and your barn wedding table decoration will be complete. Chandeliers are always an excellent choice for decoration. When it comes to lending the place a rustic look, ribbon chandeliers are simply the best option you have. Use light shade ribbons and avoid using bright lights. Let the light of the chandelier sip through ribbons to form shapes and imageries on the walls and everywhere to add to the barn’s rustic charm. 

 Make your wedding day special by lending the wedding venue a unique appearance that would speak volumes about your refined sense of aesthetics. 

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