6 Simple Steps to Become a Good Wedding Planner
6 Simple Steps to Become a Good Wedding Planner
November 6, 2019
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Top 10 Bridal Entry Ideas You Have Ever Seen
November 12, 2019
Amazing Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Human life goes through various phases. Each stage brings new changes in his/her life. You need adequate mental preparation to meet the challenges. Once you gain a secure footing in the professional sector, the family pressures you to get married. If you are in a relationship, then you can propose marriage. If you are single, then you can opt for an arranged marriage.

The family looks for a suitable match. Millennials prefer to take matters in their own hands. You can make a profile on the matrimonial sites and pick your bride/groom. When you find the right person, you can introduce him/her to your family. The elders from both families can finalise the nuptials. A memorable wedding paves the path for fond memoirs, which the couple cherishes forever.

The two families call the purohits and set an auspicious date for the wedding ceremony. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Most people fail to realise that it is an occasion that requires massive arrangements. If you lack the workforce, then you may find yourself in a sorry state. From the wedding venue to the reception party, every arrangement needs to be spot-on.

All You Need To Know About Wedding Planners 

Most couples want a spendthrift wedding and reception party. If you worry about how to make your wedding unforgettable and unique, then hire a wedding planner. These professionals organise events and make the necessary arrangements. A wedding planner has knowledge, experience and expertise to arrange the wedding and reception without hassle. Several wedding planners operate in Delhi. You can get their contact details from the internet.

Wedding planners stress on the face-to-face consultations with the clients. The wedding planner asks various questions. The specialist wants to understand your vision. These points help the planner to chart out a suitable plan. These professionals have access to decorators, caterers, florists and venue owners. The expert makes a list of available wedding venues in Delhi, and you can pick as per your preference.

It is rather challenging to get a suitable venue during the wedding season. So, you need to consult with an expert at least three months before the wedding season. It gives the planner ample time to plan and coordinate the other aspects. Event management is a lucrative business. It encourages many untrained individuals to open their wedding management agencies.

It is the responsibility of the couple to gather information about the wedding planner. Make sure that the manager has adequate experience in the field. You can ask the agency owner to show pictures of the previous projects. These give an idea about their competence. It is essential that you seal the deal with a registered agency. Competent wedding planners offer amazing tips, which enhance the charm of the ceremonies. 

The family members and friends will join the celebrations. The event manager can provide fun wedding ceremonies ideas, where everyone can take part in. These fun arrangements give the members of the two families a chance to mingle with one another. Their participation breathes life into various rituals.

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

The big fat Indian wedding consists of several ritual and religious ceremonies. Rituals suggest that the couple must not see each other before the wedding. But millennials like to tweak the rules to intensify the enjoyment. Bride and groom families can book the same wedding venues in Delhi. Haldi, Mehandi, and Sangeet can take place under the same roof. Thus, it is best to opt for spacious farmhouses.

The bride family can occupy a part of the venue, while the groom family can stay in the other area. The event planner can arrange the wedding and reception in the hall. Most far houses in Delhi have separate entertainment areas. The swimming pool is a common feature in these luxurious venues. A pool-side pre-wedding party can make the occasion memorable for the guests

You need to make sure that the farmhouse has enough room to accommodate the guests. Once the family members and friends settle down, it is time for some entertainment. Their participation can pave the path for fond nuptial memoirs.

Here are some tips which can come to your aid.

Decoration and Food Arrangements

Vibrant decorations and mouth-watering food are parts of the Indian culture. It is impossible to imagine a wedding without these elements. The event management company has links with venue decorators. You can get a farm house for rent in Delhi for wedding and reception ceremonies. The wedding planner can send the florist and decorators to the farmhouse before the D-day.

The decorators can chalk out a plan that enhances the beauty of the farmhouse. If the wedding planner likes the décor design, then he/she can place it in front of the client. The couples can make changes as per their wish. Once the embellishment theme is final, the planner can instruct the florist and decorators. Proper execution of the décor ideas is what makes a wedding memorable for all.

If you want to make the guests happy, then serve lip-smacking food at the wedding and reception ceremonies. Multiple catering companies have their offices in Delhi. You can check the food samples and select a menu for the services. If you do not have time, the wedding planner can tackle this task. The professional event manager can appoint a catering agency.

Cold and bland dishes leave a bland taste in the mouth. It is also embarrassing for the families of the couple. You must check the reputation of the catering company. The couple can make a list of foods and drinks. The wedding planner can consult with the catering company to make these arrangements. You can discuss about fun wedding reception ideas activities after accomplishing these tasks.

Choreographed Dance Performances

Song and dance are crucial parts of the Mehandi and sangeet ceremonies. These rituals take place in the morning. You can arrange a choreographed dance performance to entertain the two families when the sun goes down. Young family members can shake their legs to latest and peppy numbers. Even elders can show off their dancing skills. The couples’ families make advanced preparations to outdo the other party. It is a pleasant competition between the two families.

Outdoor Wedding Podium

The Hindu wedding is a sight to behold. The love-struck couple sits side by side in front of the holy fire. The purohit chants the Sanskrit mantras, which bless the union of the two people. Most people arrange this ceremony indoors. If you want to make the event memorable, opt for something unique. 

You can instruct the wedding planner to make a special arrangement in the middle of the garden. The decorators can create a temporary platform and decorate with flowers. They can also put unique lights to enhance the beauty of the wedding platform. It has enough space to fit four to five people.

Telecast the Wedding on Giant Screens

Couples hire photographers and videographers to cover every wedding ritual. You can make a special arrangement so that every guest can see the wedding ceremony. You can install giant screens near the dining area and the gathering area. The videographer can make the arrangements to live telecast the ceremony.

Most guests gather around the wedding platform to witness the occasion. It leaves little room for the photographers to click the perfect snaps. With these giant screens in different locations, people can see the rituals without hassle.

Unique Floral Decoration for Each Table

You must pay attention to the seating arrangements in the dining area. Young children and senior family members can enjoy their food at one table. Guests spend most of their time in the dining area. A circular table with four chairs is a popular seating arrangement on special occasions.

The florist can create unique floral bouquets for using as a centrepiece for each table. These bouquets can enhance the beauty of the table. The sweet fragrance adds a charm to the dining experience. These unique touches make a mark in the minds of the guests.

Destination Décor Theme

Each couple dreams for a destination wedding. But not all can afford it. Apart from this, many family members and friends cannot go to the wedding destination. If you desire the same feel, transform the venue in Delhi into the destination of your choice. The wedding planner and the decorator can accomplish the task with ease.

With proper props, lighting and sound effect, you can create a beach location inside a Delhi farmhouse. You can pick an appropriate dress for the waiters to extend the feel. Such arrangements come at a hefty price. If you have the money, then you can create your destination here. 

Gifts for Guests

Man and wife come in front of the guests together on the reception night. It is a joyous occasion for everyone. You can impress the reception guests and win their hearts with your kind gestures. You can offer each guest a small parting gift. It highlights that their presence means a lot to you and the family.

A silver coin or a souvenir, with the name of the couple, can attract the attention of the guests. You can also offer a pack of sweets and dry fruits. These are some unique things to do at a wedding reception. You can get the blessing and love from your guests.

After Party for Family Members

Once the guests leave, you can organise a special party for the young family members and friends. The couple changes their reception outfits and wears something that is in vogue. The outfit must allow you to dance with your bride/groom. The couple can have their first dance as man and wife. The wedding planner can arrange a choreographer to help you glide on the dance floor with ease.

Once the couple finishes their romantic dance number, their friends can join them. You require loud music to set the mood. It is here that you need the assistance of a DJ. The wedding planner can book a DJ in advance for this post-reception party. A little alcohol heightens the merrymaking by several notches. These are some wedding reception entertainment ideas, which make the event unforgettable. 

Pay Attention to the Wedding Budget

It is not an easy task to arrange a wedding and reception party. The service you get depends on your budget. Many assume that one cannot create a memorable wedding within a fixed budget. You need training, planning and execution expertise. A wedding planner in Delhi has these qualities. You can fix an official meeting with the reputed event planners. You can point out the distinctive elements that you want for the wedding.

After the detailed discussion, the planner asks about the budget. It is the responsibility of the event manager to give you the best services within the set amount. Event managers have wedding packages for couples. The cost of each package depends on the number of services you want. You must pay extra for the exceptional services that can make your wedding unique.

Some couples also want to make a video collage of their pictures. These videos play in a loop during the reception part. The video also shows what the friends and family members have to say about the couple. The videographer takes the bites during the pre-wedding photo-shoot. The video shows the parents, sharing their emotional thoughts. You need to shell out extra cash for these premium services. Do you want to create beautiful wedding memories? Do you want your wedding to become the talk of the town? Are you looking for a luxurious and spacious wedding or reception venue in Delhi? If so, then it is the right time to talk to managers of Mallu Farms. Once you book the place, they can assist with the decoration. The beautiful property is the ideal setting to take the wedding vows and tie the knot with your beloved. The reasonable venue fee will not upset your wedding budget.

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