Amazing Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable
Amazing Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable
November 11, 2019
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December 23, 2019
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Bridal Entry Ideas You Have Ever Seen

Indian weddings are full of rituals and beautiful customs. As this country has varied religions and cultures, hence a wedding here is a big affair for all the families. Especially the weddings in Northern regions like Delhi NCR belt are gorgeous events full of colours, authentic music and delicious cuisines.

The events and functions in Delhi related to a wedding require proper planning and execution. Hence, it is vital to take the advice and the professional help of a wedding planner. From booking the best banquet halls in Delhi NCR to the entry of the bride, the wedding planner does it all to mage the wedding a successful one.

Unique Wedding Entry Ideas Of 2019

There are many wedding entry ideas for bride and groom available, which can surely help you to plan your grand entry. However, you need to select the appropriate one depending on the theme of the party as well as the requirement of your wedding. For example, if you are planning for a wedding in the lap of the mountains, you cannot prepare for a water boat for your entry. 

If you are not much sure about how to choose the right idea, then you can refer to a professional for such work. A wedding planner can guide you to choose the best and suitable entry idea to suit the requirements of your wedding. Not only do they help you to choose one, but also make sure that you leave a grand impact on your guests with your choice.

So, here are the top 10 bridal entry ideas 2019:

1. Ditch the Road and Take a Boat Ride Instead


The ones who are planning for a beach wedding can quickly adopt this idea for the grand entry of the bride. Hire a unique looking boat like a lotus-shaped one. Make your entry into your marriage venue zipping through the turquoise-green waters of the sea around. Although it sounds freaking crazy to many people, it is undoubtedly going to make the entry of the bride a memorable one.

2. Hold the Hands of Your Fur Babies as You Enter Into Your New World

Just imagine holding your fur baby’s hands while entering your wedding venue! Doesn’t that sound amazing and special? What could be more magnificent than entering into a new life holding the hands of your paw buddy? If you have a fur ball by your side, then your wedding entry is already a hit!

3. Make Your Dream Entry Holding the Hands of Your Beloved Parents

Your parents are the reason why you can dream of a beautiful life ahead today. Hold their hands as you embark on your new journey with your partner. This might be a trending idea today, but it is also the most precious moment of your wedding to steal forever.

4. Enter The Wedding Hall Holding The Hands Of The Perfect Man, Your Partner

This is one of the most special wedding couple entry ideas as both the partners can make a grand entry holding each others’ hands. As you walk into your new life with your spouse, nothing can be more special than walking with the man of your dreams by your side.

5. “Phoolon Ki Chaadar” to Add the “Shandar” Quotient to Your Grand Entry

Thanks to our famous Bollywood movies, whenever we dream of marriage, we can visualize a beautiful bride entering the venue under the gorgeous looking “Phoolon Ki Chaadar”. Almost all weddings in North India follow this tradition. Though it might be common, yet it is always a grand visual to watch out for.

6. Choose A Vintage Car For Your Entry

Many beautiful brides chose to enter their wedding venues riding in a vintage car. Such an entry is one of the most popular special entries at the wedding. The vintage vehicles remain decorated with gorgeous flowers that add a unique quotient to the bride’s entry.

7. Groove On To Your Favourite Music As You Proceed To Your New Life

Why not dance to your favourite tune as you make your entry to your wedding? Many brides across the country have danced their way with their girl gangs on their favourite tunes. Not only it is pretty to watch, but it is quite an out-of-the-box idea for the bride as well as the families. Many brides choose the songs according to their partner’s choices to dedicate the songs to them.

8. Walk Down The Aisle With Your Super Cool Girl Gang

What’s more, fun than to walk down your aisle holding the hands of your soul sisters? One of the most popular wedding reception grand entrance ideas of this year remains to be the one where their best friends accompany the bride. 

9. Get Hold Of A Fancy “Palki” To Make A Grand Entry Into Your Partner’s Life

Every girl deserves treatment like a princess. And many brides fulfilled their dreams of being a princess by entering their wedding riding on a “Palki”. In the earlier times, “Palkis” was used as a mean of transportation for the princesses and the queens. Riding in such a carriage decorated with some gorgeous floral arrangements and white feathery fabric can make your entry a grand one.

10. Let The Man Of Your Dreams Carry You In His Arms As You Enter Your New Life

Last but not least, this is one of the best wedding as well as engagement couple entry ideas. Here, the man carries his partner in his arms as they enter the venue to take vows together.

Other than these ideas, you can also refer to your wedding planners to know more about such unique wedding entry ideas for couples. Whether it is a farmhouse for wedding in Delhi or a destination wedding near a beach, the wedding planner can provide the best ideas for your wedding.

If you are finding it tough to select the best wedding planner in New Delhi, then you can refer to the services of the Mallu Farms. Based in New Delhi, this company can make your wedding a dreamy affair.

Right from venue decoration till the reception party, destination wedding or a traditional one, professionals here can do it all. They provide a large venue which is around 8 acres land along with two gorgeous looking banquet halls in Delhi NCR. This company has listed all their services along with some event planning blogs for reference. 

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