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December 23, 2019
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Amazing Wedding Decoration Themes and Ideas That You Should Try!

Marriage is the once-in-a-lifetime event for every individual. Every person wants their wedding ceremonies to become the successful event of the town. In India, weddings have a different significance altogether due to the presence of such diversity in religions and cultures. Our motherland has all the necessary kinds of landscapes to suit all the needs of its citizens. Right from the mighty Himalayas to the sea beaches, you get to enjoy every type of exotic places on this land.

Due to the presence of such landscapes and destinations, it often gets quite tricky for people to choose the perfect location for their wedding. To add to this, the main problems arise with the wedding theme and the decorations. As there are plenty of options available, often, people get confused with them and end up mixing the styles. In such situations, the wedding planners act as saviors for the couples.

A wedding planner is a necessity as such professional help to incorporate every detail of their clients to make the wedding a grandeur one. They suggest all the fantastic ways to make one’s wedding memorable without exceeding one’s budget. Right from organizing each event and function to taking care of guests and their requests, the wedding planner does it all. They are even able to arrange necessary decorations and the theme just by referring to marriage hall decoration images.

A wedding can be made a memorable one without making a hole in the pocket. You should be well aware of your requirements and the theme of the wedding to plan them efficiently within budget. Here are some wedding decoration ideas on a budget which can help you to decide the theme and the decorations as per your choices.

The Trending Creative Wedding Themes and Decoration Ideas

If you want your upcoming wedding ceremony to stand out for its exceptional looks and grandeur, then have to choose a unique theme for your celebration. Pick the theme according to your personal choice, which can illustrate your story well to the guests. Here is a guide to some of the brilliant Indian wedding themes that are quite popular for their uniqueness as well as elegance among the folks:

Fairy Tale Wedding

You are no less than a prince or a princess to your loving parents. Every parent dreams of planning the best marriage ceremony for their children irrespective of the customs and other aspects of the marriage. One can plan their fairy tale wedding according to their favorite Disney characters.

All you have to do is hire a good wedding planner for your theme wedding. Let the professional discuss all the details of your requirements before planning out the wedding decorations. Choose the venue, wedding decorations, and even the bride and groom’s outfits to suit the fairy tale theme wedding. You can also keep a dress or color code for the guests to let them show their creativity in their attires while they celebrate with you.

Thus a fairy tale wedding is unique in its way where the couples get the freedom to tell their love story in their dreamy version to their beloved ones. So this time, plan your “happily ever after” with your partner and make your wedding the most memorable event of your life.

The Royal Theme Wedding for the Majestic Couple

You must be feeling like the king of the world as you got your first love and soul mate by your side as you take the vows with her. So why not share this feeling with the entire world through a royal styled wedding? Such a wedding can mark the beginning of your new journey with the love of your life. Get hitched in élan and walk through the aisle with your partner. You can get the venues as per your choices as there are plenty of royal palaces available in the country which host such weddings.

In case you aren’t able to get such places to carry out the wedding, you can ask the experts of companies like Mallu Farms. Mallu Farms Chattarpur offers the best venues in the town, along with grandeur decorations. They take special care of all the individual requirements of their clients to organise the best events in the region.

Beachside Wedding

The exotic sea beaches of Goa offer an ideal destination for beach theme weddings for the sea lovers. If the sea is the connecting link between you and your partner, then what else can be the best other than planning a beach wedding? Just choose the perfect beach according to your preferences and decide on the color theme of the wedding.

Choose pastel colors to complement the look of the bride with the presence of the sea around. Also, choose the food according to the theme but keep the authentic touch of the Indian dishes. Another significant aspect of the beach wedding is the entry of the bride. One can choose to make a grand entry in a boat, which can surely leave an impact on your guests.

Head for a Boho-Styled Stage

A boho-styled stage is one of the most popular outdoor wedding decoration ideas which provide a subtle yet fancy look to the overall event. You can decorate the stage with white fur and beautify it with red and white flowers of your personal choice. To add the elegant style, make sure to take professional advice from your wedding planner.

Go Environment-Friendly

Green themed weddings are trending this year. Our surroundings are suffering very badly due to the effects of global warming. So choose one of the simple wedding decorations themes to produce fewer amounts of harmful wastes. The colour theme for this wedding would be green and eco-friendly. It is marvelous to watch so many people dress in a single colour and resort to such eco-friendly options for the improvement of the environment.

You can refer to a wedding planner who can help you to decorate the wedding venue with environmentally friendly items. You can also return the favours with seeds and saplings, which can help our environment later.

Opt For a Peachy Background with Multi-Hued Floral Decors

Plan a heavenly wedding ceremony with fairy lights, peachy drapes, floral blooms, and foliage accents. These are some of the cheap wedding decoration ideas which can turn your wedding venue into a blissful area. You can add the perfect royal touch to your site with the upbeat candle holders and vintage furniture. 

Contemporary Wedding Theme

The evergreen theme has to be a contemporary one. It provides the best platform to mix up the modern westernized charms with the colourful Indian wedding decoration ideas. You can decorate the venue with golden-yellow lights with assorted flower decors along with LED screens.

The LED screens can showcase the love story and special moments of the couple and their families.Such decorations let the family pen down the emotional thoughts that they feel during the wedding ceremonies of their children.

The contemporary wedding theme comes with a royal hint of outstanding lighting, perfectly blended colours along with the celebratory ambience. The guests can enjoy modern cuisine with little games with the couple. The games can include funny moments of the couples, along with revealing some exciting details of their lives.

Some Gold and White to Give a Luxurious Feel To the Wedding

The combination of gold and white with little hints of red is one of the best wedding reception decorations. It adds a lavish vintage style to the overall look of the wedding within the budget. With big vintage styled flower vases and olive drapes, the entire look changes instantly to a royal set-up.

Giant Dome-Shaped Floral Mandap

One can never go wrong with the traditional Indian wedding decorations. The vast dome-shaped flowering stage is ideal for the regal look. You can include some pink and white roses along with with sequined cushions and elegant looking sofas to enhance the look of the stage.

Put Up a Chalkboard for the Guests

We all need good wishes more than anything in our life. Hence, what could be more exciting than asking your guests to write down their memories and good wishes for the couple on a chalkboard? This is one of the most straightforward yet creative decorating ideas for the wedding hall as it allows the guests to convey their requests directly to the couple. 

Apart from these decorations, one can also design a chariot styled stage for the couple decorated with white blooms and awesome lightings. One can also add calligraphic menu cards for the guests, which will surely make a lasting impression on them. Just getting the right ideas and decorations can help one to organise their wedding without any hassles successfully.

If you wonder where to find such unique decorations for your upcoming family event, you can refer to the services of a renowned wedding organiser called Mallu Farms. Mallu Farms Chattarpur is a reliable company that specialises in organising memorable wedding events along with other parties in and around the Delhi NCR belt. To know more about the company, you can check out their services and packages on their websites. The website also has different blogs on event planning and other related topics for reference. You can directly contact them as their contact information is available on their site. However, feel free to email them your queries. Their excellent customer support team will get back to you in no time. So, this time, no more worries about how to turn your daughter’s wedding into a successful one.

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