Amazing Wedding Decoration Themes and Ideas That You Should Try!
Amazing Wedding Decoration Themes and Ideas That You Should Try!
December 25, 2019
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January 14, 2020

Wedding ceremonies are the most important life events for every individual. We all want our wedding to turn out to be the best event in the town. However, ideas are plenty, but not many can afford a grand wedding in Delhi. Finding the affordable farm house in Chattarpur or an excellent venue isn’t so easy during the peak season. Hence, to avoid such huge expenses, many people are choosing the winter season as their ideal wedding period.

India is a hot and humid country, and hence, winters are the most enjoyable period of the year here. We love to visit places and try out new activities during this season. So why not try out the option of getting married during the winter? Yes, you heard it right.

Winter is considered to be one of the best seasons to organise any celebrations and parties due to several reasons. You get cool and comfortable weather conditions along with several venues, especially in Delhi and the NCR region. Apart from this reason, prices are also quite pocket-friendly during the winter. Hence, people do not have to burn a hole in their pockets to plan out the most memorable event of their life anymore. 

Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

A winter wedding isn’t only about everything being white and bland. It is all about colours, beautiful decors and lots and lots of lightings along with unique styled gifts and favours. There are plenty of ways to plan your winter wedding within budget. Here are some striking ideas which can help you to design the most exciting wedding in the town this winter:

Invite Your Beloved Ones with Snowflake Cards

Snowflakes are beautiful to watch but aren’t quite visible in Delhi. So why not design the wedding invitation cards in the shape of nice-looking snowflakes? This is one of the budget wedding ideas, which will surely make the guests feel very special, and they would love to remember your unique winter wedding forever.

Go For a Winter Wonderland Theme

If you always have waited for a fairytale wedding, then this is the chance of planning one. Hire a lovely wedding planner from the top ones in Delhi to get the best farm house in Chattarpur. Narrate them every detail of your fairy tale and how you want to design the theme of the party. Ask them for some priceless suggestions, and voila, your fairytale party is here!

Plan a Winter Wedding in the Royal Manner

You are no less than a princess to your father. So why not design up a royal winter wedding for the princess who is just about to start her life with her perfect partner? Winter is the ideal time to plan such weddings as the one can easily afford the venues, winter wedding dresses, and décor, the prices remain quite low during this period.

A Bollywood Winter Theme for the Movie Freaks

If we all love to groove to the tunes of the Bollywood classics, then why not include that as the central idea of the winter wedding? If you are someone who has grown up watching the romantic classics of King Khan, then this can be one of the best winter wedding ideas on a budget. Just a few bright lights, melodious wedding songs, good food, and an attractive centre stage are all that you need for the success of your Bollywood themed winter wedding.

Fulfill Your Love for the White Wedding

If, as a child, the white wedding of the western countries has always fascinated you, then a winter wedding is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you. You get the chance to plan it exclusively according to your taste, and since it will be all white, it is quite budget-friendly. However, do not think that it would be bland or boring. White weddings are classic in their way and hence quite beautiful to watch. You can also keep a dress code for the guests to match the unique theme of the wedding.

Plan for a Winter Wedding in A Nicely Decorated Old Chapel Decor

If you want to make our wedding a memorable one, you need to think out-of-the-box. It isn’t quite common to witness a marriage in an old chapel in India unless it is a Christian wedding. In today’s world, we are very vocal about global religion and being global citizens. If we believe such morals, then why not utilise the beautiful wedding ideas for all kinds of cultures and faiths to design the unique wedding this winter?

Wedding in an old chapel is one of the most unconventional and unique ideas to celebrate the union of two souls during the winter season. Ask your wedding planners to suggest some beautiful winter wedding chapel decor to prepare the nearest old chapel for your wedding ceremony beautifully.

Once you have chosen every intricate detail of your wedding, look for a good wedding planner. Let the planner handle the winter wedding timeline and gift you the most memorable event of your life within your budget.

Best Month for Winter Wedding

The entire winter season is ideal for marriages and many different events and functions in and around Delhi. Yet people prefer to organise these only during January. During January, the weather remains dry as well as cold, which makes it ideal for all that heavy jewellery and makeup for the wedding. However, January is also the favourable month for a wedding as it has pleasant weather and not freezing cold.

One can get enough sunlight to enjoy all the ceremonies with their families and friends. Another reason for choosing this month is that vendors are readily available during this month. As not many people marry during this month, hence, the prices are quite low compared to the charges during the peak season. One can even get the cheap winter wedding venues without any hassles during this period. However, given the benefits, soon, January is going to top the list for the upcoming weddings in India.

Few Unique Winter Wedding Decorations to Add That “Oomph” Factor To Your Wedding

Wedding decorations are one of the essential aspects that can turn your event into a successful one. Hence, choosing the appropriate wedding decor according to the theme of the ceremonies is a critical point to consider.

However, it is quite difficult for the bride or the groom to decide all the minute details of a wedding. Hence, go for a wedding planner or a company like Mallu Farms, who can provide you the best wedding venues in south Delhi along with all the unique decorations for your marriage functions. Here is a long list of a few winter wedding decorations which can add an elegant touch to your wedding.

a) Select the Venue with a Good View of the Mountains

What can be more than enjoying the view of the snow-clad peaks while you take your vows with the man of your dreams? Winter is all about snow and mountains, and so it is perfect for celebrating the beginning of your life in the lap of nature. Select the venue which can provide you the best look of the mountains and landscape around to help you organise the magnificent wedding of the town.

b) Put Up Some String Fairy Lights

Fairy lights not only subtly illuminate the whole area but also are a marvellous sight to watch. They are tiny, but they can turn your wedding venue into a grand one just by their mere presence.

c) Snowy Gazebo for the Winter Lovers

The lavish green garlands, along with the fairy lights, can add colour as well as the warmth factor to the wedding. Plan your wonderland wedding accordingly to narrate the fairy tale of your life to your guests as you walk down the aisle.

d) Candlelit Ceremony

Who says that candlelit ceremonies should be restricted to only a particular kind of wedding? If you love romantic wedding ideas, then why not incorporate such a tradition along with other ones to add a nice elegant touch to your wedding.

e) Add a Hot Chocolate Counter for the Chocó Lovers

Hot chocolate and winter season go hand in hand. Hence, it would be lovely to add a hot chocolate counter for the guests. You can also arrange some customisable options to let the guests prepare their hot chocolate for them. Not only it would be a hit among the grown-ups but surely would keep the kids happy too.

f) Send Some Nice Warm Wedding Favours To Your Guests

Many people love to shower their love and appreciation through different kinds of wedding favours to their guests. In your winter wedding, try to gift them some comfy slippers, hand-woven shawls, and scarves along with some sweet messages. These will surely help them to remember forever your wedding and the beautiful moments associated with it.

g) Get a Snowy Photo Booth for the Posers

Although getting the perfect wedding venues in south Delhi may seem complicated, but getting the snowy effect during the winters here is simply out of the question. But don’t let that restrict your guests to experience the impact of snow and the cold weather while attending your wedding. 

Ask your wedding planner to get a beautiful snowy photo booth decorated with snowflakes and bells to give the perfect of the winter season. You can also get clicked here to capture the memorable fun moments with your friends and family.

h) Give Your Statement with the Floral

Generally, winter weddings seem a bit more formal than the rest of the ceremonies held throughout the year. Turn the heads of your centerpieces with dome-shaped bouquets placed in towering vases on the reception tables. You can add rare flowers like hydrangeas, orchids, and roses to make it look more elegant and stylish.

i) Design a Festive Aisle

Winter has a very special in our hearts for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. If you are planning for a winter wedding, why not give a festive touch to the decorations. If you want to walk to the aisle, decorate it with winter garlands and shepherd hooks to provide the festive look to the venue.

j) A Wedding Wreath Is A Must For Winter Wedding

Wedding wreaths are incredibly romantic as they symbolize the timeless love, strength, unity, and infinity of the couple. The wedding is all about the couple, their journey and lives together. Hence, it is necessary to add such decorations, which can showcase the love and affection in a grandeur way to the people, along with adding the winter quotient to the ceremony.

There are loads of ways to add that particular décor, which can make your winter wedding the most significant event of your life. However, it can be best done if you get hold of a good wedding planner or an organizer. That is because, although you may plan many aspects of your wedding, it isn’t easy to carry out all the arrangements and details minutely. In such cases, a wedding planner can help you to fulfill all your wishes within your budget without cutting down any of the necessities.

If you need more tips for planning a grand wedding within budget in Delhi, refer to the services of Mallu Farms. Mallu Farms is a renowned company known for its exquisite wedding venues in south Delhi and their affordable wedding services. The competent team of wedding planners of this company takes care of every minute detail of the wedding parties of their clients. They are best known as they manage to provide the best places for a party within reasonable prices even during the peak season.  Mallu Farms have provided all the necessary details of their services and packages on their website. You can check their services along with testimonials from their previous clients. You can contact them via email or directly pay a visit to know more about their upcoming offers and packages. There are lots of exciting blogs available on their website regarding different kinds of event planning, weddings, and decor. For more inspiring ideas, do check them out.

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