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January 14, 2020
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Do you love to entertain people? Every Indian occasion revolves around people, delicious food and drinks. A cocktail event is the best way to greet and meet your loved ones. Apart from personal occasions, business owners also arrange such parties. A perfect venue can enhance the charm and party vibes. A well-decorated farm house in Chattarpur can be the ideal place.

Homeowners often invite their guests and entertain them. If you lack adequate room, then you must book a spacious banquet hall. Cocktail parties are social gatherings. The host invites family members and friends to celebrate a special occasion. The guest can enjoy themselves at these parties. A cocktail reception has similar features.

What Do You Serve At Cocktail Parties?

Food is an integral part of any Indian occasion. The same applies to cocktail receptions. You need to pay special attention to the menu selection. The cocktail party serves appetisers. You may keep a few heavy cuisines as the main course. However, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are start items.

Your guests can order their cocktails and mocktails from the bar counter. Finger foods, mainly appetisers, go best with these beverages. You need to arrange music to enhance the party mood. If you have space, you can create a dance floor where the guests can flaunt their moves. A novice host may find it challenging to make the necessary arrangements. Here, the experts can come to their aid.

You can consult with the event planners and management companies in Delhi. They have the skills and resources to arrange a cocktail party. The event management companies can book, decorate, and prep the venue for the cocktail event. You need to highlight the budget. Any of the top 10 event management companies in Delhi NCR can work as per your instructions. 

Vital Tips for Cocktail Party Hosts

Some people can arrange parties and get-togethers like a professional. However, not all possess similar talents. If you desire to throw a party, you need to sharpen your hosting skills. Many assume that it is easy to host a party. The truth is far from this. Event management experts highlight the importance of a sound plan. If you lack a strategy, the party may not be a success.

Plan and Decide

Decoration, food, drinks and music are some aspects of the party. You must pay attention to details if you want to be a good host. Adequate planning can help you to achieve satisfactory results. A good host plans in advance. It gives him/her to make the necessary changes without hassle. The host needs to make several decisions which assist in party arrangements. 

You need to prepare a list of guests. It is best to write down the names of the people you want to invite. Once the list is ready, go through it. You can add or delete names as you prefer. Then you need to decide the type of event. For cocktail events, you must determine if you want a limited menu or full bar.

You can opt for a specific theme. In that case, you may set a dress code for the guests. The decoration of the venues for cocktail parties depends on the subject. You need to talk to the decoration and convey the message.

You can arrange the party outdoor or indoor. If you want to opt for an outdoor cocktail event, take note of the weather. A sudden rainfall can ruin the party. If the weather office predicts rain, then take the necessary preventive measures. If you feel these tasks are hectic, then appoint the services of an event management company in Delhi.

Food for the Guests

The food that you serve to the guests depends on the party. The main course is necessary for traditional dinner events. If you desire to host a cocktail reception, then you do not need these items. Party planners suggest that finger foods are best for cocktail events. You can serve fried veg and non-veg appetisers, which complement the drinks.

If you book a spacious farm house in Chattarpur as the venue, your guests can inspect the place. They cannot do it if they need to carry a plate full of food items. Finger food counters, at regular intervals, offer this freedom. The guests can take their drinks, collect a few appetisers and explore the venue. 

Cocktail parties are frequent in such farm houses in Delhi. The well-planned indoors complement the manicured gardens and lawns. Your guests can stay inside the hall or take a walk in the garden.

Drinks for the Guests

No party is complete without drinks. A good host can opt for a full bar. It allows the guests to order their favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. If you want to control the budget, you can fix a cocktail and mocktail menu. Your guests can select the drinks from the set menu. 

Act as a Responsible Host

It is the duty of the host to ensure that the guests are comfortable. A responsible host keeps an eye on the guests. If a guest drinks too much, you need to act at once. Instruct the bartender not to serve any more drinks to that individual. Talk to the person and make sure he/she is all right. You must arrange a vehicle to drop the person at his/her doorsteps.

It is challenging to predict when someone may require medical assistance. You must keep a first aid kit and some medicines within reach. Primary medical care can provide relief to the patient. You must rush the patient to the nearest hospital if the condition worsens. 

You need not join a professional program to learn how to host a cocktail party. You can learn from your mistakes. You can gather tips from experienced event planners as well. If you doubt your skills, then hire professional event planners. 

Inexpensive Cocktail Party Ideas

Event organisers suggest that food and drinks are vital aspects of the cocktail event. But the host must pay attention to other elements as well. It is rather challenging for the host to get a venue within a short span. The demand for reputed banquet halls is high during the festive season. Once you finalise the party date, you must book a place.

You must visit the venue and check out space. You can also gather information about the additional facilities. These details can assist you to plan the events. The successful implementation of these cocktail party ideas can enhance your reputation as the perfect host. The experts, from the top 10 event management companies in Delhi NCR can help with venue bookings.

Select a Party Theme

As a host, you want to make the cocktail event memorable for the guests. You can select a unique theme for the party. The retro theme is most popular, and you can choose befitting dress code. You can select the menu and drinks to complement the retro theme. You can opt for colour-based cocktail party themes.

You must select a practical party theme. An extravagant idea can increase the decoration budget. You may find it difficult to arrange the other components that go with the core theme. Experts opine that a laid-back and straightforward cocktail party theme is ideal for any occasion.

Floral Decoration

The proper decoration is essential to enhance the party vibes. The cocktail party requires sleek and modern décor. If you have a party theme, the decoration must complement the vision. However, it becomes challenging for the host to decorate a spacious banquet hall. Here, you need the assistance of the professional. If you want out-of-the-box cocktail wedding reception ideas, go for floral décor.

You can consult with the decorators. You can give them a list of flowers which you prefer. The experts can arrange the blossoms and chalk out a décor plan. They have the resources and skills to decorate the venue before the party. You can check the décor, and make alterations if necessary.

Lights and Candles

Proper illumination enhances the beauty of the party décor and venue. If you want to organize a cocktail party in the evening, you need adequate lights. Event planners suggest that the lanterns add a mysterious feel to the party. You can also use string lights to add a soft and warm glow. String lights are ideal for outdoor cocktail events.

Decorators can use coloured candles to illuminate the venue. However, candle arrangements are ideal for indoor cocktail parties. Such lighting arrangements look good if the site is small. The soft yellow candle lights add an intimate feel.

Centrepiece for Tables

Couples often host cocktail parties to celebrate the union. It is a casual event where guests can relax and enjoy food and drinks. You can add a special touch to the party decoration with a centrepiece for the table. You can opt for ice sculptures or floral arrangements. Such innovative ideas suit the venues for cocktail wedding receptions.

Special Glassware

Some hosts want to celebrate special life milestones with their near and dear ones. An informal cocktail party is the best way to celebrate the occasions. If you have a long guest list, then it is best to book a farm house in Chattarpur. Such venues offer indoor and outdoor space.

You can celebrate your marriage anniversary or birthday with close people. You can personalise the event with unique glassware. The decorator can arrange the crystal. The wine glasses may have the initials of the husband and wife.

Hire Entertainment

Music impacts the mood of the cocktail party. You must arrange a DJ who can play the correct tracks to enhance the party vibes. A quick search on the internet can give you the details of professional DJs and many more entertaining party ideas.

If you have the monetary resources, you can amp up the entertainment quotient. If the indoor cocktail party venue is spacious, you can book professional acrobats. They can put up a live performance for your guests.

Some people have an eye for sophisticated things. It is not easy to entertain the business associates during a party. The entertainment must be to their taste. DJs and live acrobatic performances are inappropriate for business cocktail events. You can hire classical singers to entertain your venture partners during a cocktail party in Delhi

Gifts for Guests

Cocktail parties provide an opportunity to meet people. Most individuals lack time to catch-up with relatives and friends. Work pressure paves the path for stress and boredom. If you want a respite from these issues, then arrange cocktail events. You can meet and chat with relatives and friends. 

The guests honour your invitation by showing up. You must make an effort to pay back the respect. You can give each guest a small return gift. It acts as a token of love and appreciation. You can ask the decorator to set up a separate counter at the venue.

You can keep the return gifts at this counter. You can give each guest one gift when they approach the exit point. It is a pleasant surprise for the guests. The entire event can become memorable for them. These highlight your hosting and planning skills.

You can access details of several venues for cocktail parties in the Delhi and NCR region. But you must consider the transport facilities and other perks that each place offers. Some of these venues have logging accommodations for the guests. You can party until the wee hours in the morning. Once you warp up the event, the guest can relax in their respective rooms. 

If you opt for this facility, you need to shell out more cash. You can consult with the venue managers. They can highlight the different service packages. You can select the package that meets your requirements and fits the budget.  Do you desire to host a cocktail party for your family and friends? Do you want to throw a cocktail party for your business associates? You need a befitting venue for the celebration. Your search for such a site can end when you check out the facilities offered at Mallu Farms. You do lack time to arrange the event; the experts can accomplish the task at reasonable rates.

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