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Farm House Wedding

Do you want to marry at a fantastic venue? Who does not?! However, you may not possess information about the farmhouse availability. The reputed wedding planners in Delhi NCR can come to your rescue.

These professionals keep a tab on the venue details and the bookings. If you want the best venue, then finalize the booking in advance. You must check the facilities that the place offers. It is challenging for a novice to understand the actual competence of a service provider. Opting for the assistance of a seasoned wedding planner can ease the trouble, 

1. Access to Space

Large space for wedding reception

A wedding is an essential day for the couple. The entire family comes together to bless the union. If you have a big extended family, you need more space to accommodate them. The farmhouse wedding venue can meet your requirements. Modern farmhouses are very spacious. The banquet halls can fit more than thousands of people at any time. If you want space to accommodate more guests, then the decorators can erect tents on the grounds. 

2. Impressive Decoration

The decoration is another essential aspect that you must pay attention to. You can talk to the decorators and instruct them to beautify the hall in a particular way. However, most couples do not have time to look after these elements. If you desire the best service, then hire professionals. A wedding planner knows accomplished wedding decorators.

If you book a farmhouse as the wedding and reception venue, the management can assist you. They can arrange decorators for venue embellishment. If you hire the in-house decorators, you can bag a significant discount. The wedding planner can coordinate with these people to prep the venue. A proficient decorator can offer in-depth information on farmhouse wedding décor.

3. Befitting Ambience

Proper ambiance can enhance the beauty and mood of the event. The wedding is a joyous occasion. You need a befitting venue that offers a calm and pleasant ambiance. A farmhouse can meet these needs. The setting is beautiful and peaceful. Soft ambient music can increase positive vibes.

4. Experiment with Lights

The wedding is a happy occasion. Some couples want to stress on the decoration of both indoor and outdoor areas. They can instruct the wedding planner to use interesting lighting options. The demand for paper lanterns is high. You can also use candles to decorate the halls and corridors. The soft yellow light emits warmth and adds glow to the wedding venue.

Lighting Effects in Wedding Ceremony

If you want to decorate the venue lawn and garden, you can use string lights. The famous wedding planners in Delhi and decorators can chalk out plans to increase the beauty of the open space. Proper strategy development and implementation are necessary for satisfactory results.

The light8ing experts pay attention to the illumination of the ‘mandap.’ The correct selection of lights is vital. It aids photographers. The illumination of the farmhouse is necessary. Adequate lighting enhances the beauty of the farmhouse. The charm of a well-decorated wedding venue can captivate your guests. 

5. Quality Catering Services

Quality Catering Services

Good food can impress the guests at the wedding party. You can leave the task of caterer and menu selection to the wedding planner. In case you lack the details, you can talk to the farmhouse managers. They offer catering services for weddings and other events. They have access to experienced cooks. With the in-house chefs by your side, you need not worry about food quality. 

6. Rooms for guests

When you arrange a wedding, relatives, and friends from near and far come to join the festiveness. You must make the necessary arrangements for their accommodation. You can book rooms in the hotels. If there are too many people, then hotel bookings can upset your budget. If the guests stay in the hotel, then you need to arrange for their transportation. It is an additional expenditure.

Reputed wedding planners in Delhi NCR offer an effective solution. You can prevent these additional expenses if you book a farmhouse. Spacious farmhouses provide accommodation for the guests. They can stay at the venue and participate in the fun events. As you can book the farmhouse for as many days as you want, you can get exclusive discounts. 

7. Plan Fun Events 

The popularity of farmhouses as wedding venues is high. These farmhouses have entertainment arrangements for the guests. The wedding planner can organize fun games. Marriage is a union of two families. The two families can get to know one another through participation in fun activities. 

8. Outdoor Entertainment

The wedding guests are full to the brim with enthusiasm and energy. They want to enjoy themselves and relax. However, some want to engage in physical activities. You can instruct the wedding planner to make the necessary arrangements. A cricket match, on the spacious farmhouse grounds, can keep the spirits up. Most farmhouses have basketball courts. You can consult with the event managers to gather information about wedding entertainment ideas.

9. Add Spice to the Wedding 

Most people book banquet halls for wedding and reception ceremonies. It is time to think out-of-the-box. A farmhouse wedding makes matters exciting. Your guests can explore the area. They can enjoy the facilities that the farmhouse offers. The well-designed and well-maintained farmhouses enhance the charm of the event.

Music concert in wedding

A farmhouse is not like the standard banquet halls. Farmhouse employees can take care of your needs. You can consult with the management and gather information about the budget. They offer a unique wedding and reception packages for probable clients. 

10. Location for Photography 

Young professional couples may find it challenging to manage time for pre-wedding photo-shoots. But the desire to capture the romantic and intimate moments, before the D-day. A farmhouse for a wedding in Delhi can lessen their worries. The farmhouses possess well-manicured gardens. Some have a lake-side location. The banquet halls look like palatial rooms.

So, there are ample locations for the pre-wedding photo-shoot. The wedding planner can appoint the services of a photographer. The expert can click the romantic snaps of the couple. The photographer can take shots from various angles. The multiple and picturesque locations allow you to experiment with the photos.

The photographer can use the beautiful farmhouse garden in the background, while the couple poses. The photographer can take many impressive and aesthetic pictures inside the farmhouse. Proper use of the location can enhance the beauty of the images. No one can tell from the photos that it was the same wedding venue. 

11. Entertain Wedding Guests

You must take part in various pre-wedding rituals. Some require the presence of the bride and the groom. It is rather challenging to travel to a familiar spot from their respective homes. The wedding planners in Delhi NCR can solve this issue. They can book a spacious farmhouse. Both the bride and groom families can stay at the farmhouse.

They can complete the pre-wedding rituals in the common area. Then they may retire to their separate quarters. However, entertainment plays an integral part during a wedding. The wedding planners can organize several fun activities for the guests. They can relax by the pool, or enjoy any sport in the spacious gardens.

The event planner can book a DJ for the pre-wedding festivities. Once the sun goes down, you can party with your friends. The event coordinator can decorate a separate hall for the youngsters. 

12. Opt for Rustic Theme

Most farmhouses offer natural scenic beauty. Young couples opt for theme weddings. If you want to tie the knots in the lap of nature, then book a farmhouse. These venues have a rustic charm. It matches the wedding theme. Your wedding planner and decorator can work together to increase the bucolic feel.

The décor and menu selections must match the core theme. You may lack the expertise to accomplish this task. The assistance of a proficient wedding planner can come to your aid. The specialist has training, skills and experience to pull off the task without any issues. The subtle rustic charm adds to the sophistication of the event. 

13. Celebrate With Opulence 

Many families have the financial resources to host extravagant wedding ceremonies. But you need the skills and information to utilize the money. Décor, food, entertainment, and other aspects must be larger than life. Opulence paves the path for a grand marriage ceremony. You must appoint the service of luxury wedding planners in Delhi.

These wedding management experts know that rich people like. Once you share your vision with these specialists, they can make the necessary arrangements. You can get the best of everything if you pay the price. An extravagant wedding ceremony establishes your status in society. A luxurious wedding can become the talk of the town. 

14. Away from City Crowd 

Many desire to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Traffic increased in the cities during the wedding season. It paves the path for various issues. The groom may fail to reach the venue on time. It is an inauspicious sign. The guest may find it challenging to get to the venue

Expert events planners opine that you can eliminate these unnecessary worries. You can book a spacious farmhouse for the event. It is away from the city. So, you need not worry about the unpleasant noise and traffic. Separate bride and groom quarters mean both parties can reach the ‘mandap’ on time. Guests can travel with easy to and from the venue. 

15. Enjoy Natural Beauty

Some people desire to tie the knot and exchange their marital vows under the stars. You must make special arrangements for an outdoor wedding. The best wedding planner in Delhi can fulfill your desires. The wedding planner can ask the decorator to construct a wedding podium in the garden. They can place the chair around the podium. Thus, guests can witness the wedding rituals. 

Enjoy natural beauty

The weather in Delhi is somewhat unpredictable. If you hire a wedding planner, he/she can install shades on the podium. The planners make similar protective arrangements for the guests. If it rains, the wedding ceremony can continue as per schedule. 

Do you want to create fond memories on the wedding day? Do you desire to wow your guests? Are you looking for the perfect venue in Delhi? If yes, then you can book Mallu Farms for wedding and reception celebrations. It is an ideal venue for grand events. The natural beauty and modern facilities make it perfect as a wedding location. 

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