Couple Seating Ideas For Intimate Weddings
Couple Seating Ideas For Intimate Weddings
September 24, 2020
Best Wedding Songs- The Complete List
Best Wedding Songs- The Complete List
October 26, 2020
Mehndi Function Ideas to Add Oodles of Fun to Your Pre-wedding Ceremony

Mehendi Functions are considered as the most favourite one among all the pre-wedding ceremonies. Bright colors, loud music and of course, the attractive decor is what makes the mehendi a fun and lively event to enjoy with your loved ones. Be it a day or a night event, there is always so much to do in a Big-Fat Indian Wedding. The fun doubles up when both the families decide to celebrate the event together and make it a happening one!

When it comes to the Indian Weddings, there can never be a lack of ideas to add in the ceremonies – be it decor, the theme, the outfits or fun activities for the guests to engage in. With time, changes the trend and we have got it all backed up for you! 

Here is a list of trendy Mehndi Function Ideas to add fun to your Pre-wedding Ceremony!

1. Live Entertainment

Pre-wedding Ceremony

The charisma of live entertainers is what keeps us all engaged with them and with each other throughout the ceremony. Live music or decent live dance performances like Bollywood or bhangra makes the event even lively and happening. You can hire these live performers or entertainers through any event management company or even any freelance performer if you know any.

Although this trend is nothing new and has become a common one, it still has the same popularity and importance to make your ceremony a fun event!

2. Dance Performances

Well, you all must be aware of what is being talked about here! 

Dance performances by your own family members and friends have become so mandatory and this trend has been followed for many years now. Nothing can be more fun than your loved ones giving you surprise performances on your special occasion that you could never imagine about, or how about you giving a special romantic performance with your bride/groom to be?

3. Pool Party

Mallu Farms- Bali poolside venue

Bored from those typical traditional mehendi ceremonies where relatives come, eat, dance and go? How about a cool Mehendi Ceremony besides a pool? 

Well, you can never say no to a pool party, especially when it’s your own day! Enjoying a chill summer mehendi ceremony at Mallu Farms- Bali poolside venue dancing around with your near ones sounds so cool, refreshing and trendy. Isn’t it? Toss some floaties in the pool for your guests to take a float and beat the warmth.

4. Karaoke

Want to take the fun to the next level? Set up a Karaoke and enjoy the vibe!

Make a list of the most popular wedding and romantic songs and let the game of voices flow. This one is not a much popular idea for a mehendi ceremony and something rare and new to engage your guest cum ‘Audience’ and let them participate in the concert!

5. Personalized Cocktail

Cocktails are the first and foremost demand and need when organizing a mehendi ceremony because let’s be real, what is an Indian Ceremony without a cocktail space in it? Especially the Punjabis reading this, can relate the best! 

You might be thinking, what’s new about a cocktail space? Well, a cocktail space with a bartender serving you drinks is not something new, but a personalized bar where your guests can blend and make their original cocktails is. Let your guests feel free to go behind the bars and add their own mixtures of flavours to make their own unique drinks. 

6. Props and Photobooth

Mehndi Ceremony

Create a photo-friendly setup with colorful props for your guests to make unlimited memories, moments and fill up their Instagram accounts! You may place various bright colored frames, posters with popular dialogues written in it, popular cartoon dummies and much more! Do not forget to set up a colorful background with contrasting colors to add a zest in the picture. 

You can also opt for a polaroid camera for instant printing of the moments you are living. This doesn’t mean you have to carry the camera and click the photographs of the people all by yourself. You can hire a person for the task too.

7. Fun Food Stalls

wedding ceremony

How can a wedding ceremony be completed without Food Stalls in it! What is there to tell you about a food stall?

Of course! Food stalls are the first thing to consider when organizing a ceremony but a theme food stall is what’s new to suggest. Usually, people organizing the ceremony focus more on caterers and the taste of the food and less on how the food stall will look in the ceremony.

Taste of the food is surely important but you also need to take into consideration whether the theme of your food stalls matches the theme of your ceremony or not. 

Also, try to keep the food items that are not usual in the ceremonies if you want your ceremony to be unique.

8. Some Jhoolas for Fun!

Mehndi Ceremony

How about a Mela vibe at the event? Sure, you can get some ‘jhoolas’ set up for the kids but what if you set some that are adult-friendly. This will surely have a mela vibe at the event that can engage your guests and increase the enjoyment at a different level.

9. A Portrait Artist

Having a portrait artist at the event is not a bad idea, after all, to add zest to the typical mehndi event. By having made their portraits, let people preserve it and recall the special day whenever they see it ever after.

10. Dhol Beats to Dance On!

Indian ceremony

No Indian ceremony can be completed without having a Dhol Wale Bhaiya around and dancing on the beats of Chaukri! Let your inner dancer be free from all the insecurity and consciousness because hey! Who’s judging you when you are around the best of your people!


These were some of the exclusive Ideas to implement at your Mehndi Ceremony to make it a memorable one for you and your guests, of course!

What’s your idea of a Mehndi Ceremony? 

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