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June 26, 2020
wedding venues - 2020
Wedding Venue in 2020 – 10 Important things
August 6, 2020
wedding planning checklist 2020

Wedding Planning Checklist 2020 - Mallu Farms


Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of your life. Although planning a wedding is not an easy task it includes adrenaline rush, the responsibility of getting everything organized on time. So, we at Mallu Farms thought of helping you out with an easy wedding planning checklist, which would help you to keep a track of all the essentials as per your wedding Planning timeline.

wedding checklist 2020
Important Wedding Checklist – 2020

Wedding Planning Checklist: 20 Best Tips

To make things easier, we have divided your wedding preparation checklist into 5 parts based on the months approaching your wedding day.

  • Select the budget Call
  • Make and Finalize your Guest List
  • Select your wedding venue
  • Choose the Caterer
  • Hiring wedding Planner
  • Check out the latest trends
  • Select Wedding Invitation
  • Contacting Wedding photographer and videographer
  • Entertainment preparations
  • Book Your Mehendi artist
  • Select and book your Make-up artist
  • Start planning your Honeymoon
  • Shop for Jewelry
  • Shop for your Wedding Attire
  • Book a nearby accommodation for guests
  • Book your Honeymoon
  • Sent out your wedding invitation
  • Schedule your pre-wedding shoot
  • Bachelors party with your friend or Take a trip
  • Shopping for your trousseau
  • Book a special stay for your first night
  • Try your wedding outfit

Six To Twelve Months Before The wedding

These are the points in your checklist that you need a year or a half a year before your Wedding day. This checklist will prove to be helpful if you want to ensure perfection.

important points for wedding plannings
Important points
  • Deciding Budget

As soon as you fixed the date for the most awaited day of your life, the level of both anxiety and excitement rise up. And the biggest concern remains to be the budget, in most of the cases. How to spend, where to spend, and when to spend are some of the most important questions that need your attention in the initial phase of planning your wedding. However, it is important to close the budget before you start anything.

You need to break down the things you want to spend on, and things that would require expense. Choose the most important expenses and decide on an approximate figure for your wedding.

  • Finalizing Guest List

Who should we invite and who should not is another confusion while planning a wedding. Segment the guest list into categories like close relatives and friends, office colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

Think of an approximate number of guests you would want to invite before you start making the list. Tick off the names whose presence matters a lot in your wedding, and make sure you include them in the final list.

For better planning, you could divide the guest list as per their location, as would help you to save your time.

Wedding planning venue selection
  • Wedding Venue selection

Finding the best venue as per your guest list and location is a difficult task, and best venue since most of the wedding venue stays blocked for many months in advance. So it is recommended that you start scouting for your dream wedding venue at least 9 to 10 months in advance.

  • Choose The Caterer

When you are finalizing the venue, check if they provide catering or not. In case they do not, then get in touch with the best caterer around and finalize the best one for your wedding day. Your wedding is considered a great success if the food tastes good. You can also experiment by serving multiple cuisines. However, if you want to play safe, you must go as per the traditional choices.

  • Hiring Wedding Planner

If you cannot take the stress and it is better to hire a wedding planner for your wedding. An experienced wedding planner can take care of the checklist for the wedding and organize everything as per your convenience and need. It is important to hire a wedding planner well in advance so that he or she can start organizing things right from the beginning.

  • Checking Latest Trends

Be it your wedding dress, wedding theme, invitation cards, or photography, there is always a changing trend for everything when it comes to the wedding. This is the best time when you can research everything that’s happening around. You might come across something exciting that would grab your attention at first glance and turn your wedding into the most unique affair.

Three To Five Months before the Wedding

These points you need to keep in your mind when you are four to five months away from your wedding day. To make sure everything is covered, this wedding planning checklist 3 months before will help you. 

wedding invitation card
  • Wedding Invitation Selection

This is the best time to finalize the look and feel of your wedding invitation. There is two option either you can keep it as subtle as you want or you can get it designed in a way that reflects the theme of your wedding.

Make sure you have researched so that you make the best decision t this point in time.

  • Contacting Photographer And Videographer

Booking a photographer and videographer for your wedding is the most important thing on your wedding planning checklist.

You have to decide what type of photography you need for your wedding and book the photographer and videographer as soon as possible.

wedding entertainment preparations
  • Entertainment Preparations

No wedding is complete without good music and entertainment. It is better to make a list of the best brands available and book well in advance. 

  •  Book your Mehendi Artist

Book your Mehendi artist in advance, since there would be no pictures your hands can escape. Moreover, everyone loves Mehendi.

  •  Select and book your Make-up artist

Another important thing to be ticked off your wedding planning checklist is selecting your makeup artist, this is the best time to book your pre-bridal or groom package, and a makeup artist for your wedding ceremonies. If you have shortlisted good ones already, get their prices and book the best one as soon as possible.

honeymoon planning
  • Start Planning Your Honeymoon

It is the best time for you to start planning for your honeymoon. Start looking for the destinations, finalize the ones that you dream about going to, and also check out the honeymoon places and things to do there. Research the place worth visiting on your honeymoon.

  •  Shop for Jewelry

Buying jewelry and wedding ring is one of the essential tasks on your marriage checklist, as it needs a lot of time and patience. Although this is the best time to tick off your checklist. 

  •  Shop For Your Attire

Shop for your wedding outfit well in time so that you don’t end up with tension. Shopping for wedding attire is a time taking process and only worth it if you get what you exactly have always dreamt of wearing on your special day.

  • Book An Accommodation for guests

This is the time when you are done with your guest list and you must be aware of which relatives and friends are coming from other places. It’s the best time to book good and comfortable accommodation for them.

Two Months Before The wedding

When two months are left for your wedding, then these points will be quite helpful. Keep these important points in mind and keep ticking off as you fulfill each of them.

honeymoon planning
  •  Book Your Honeymoon

Just two months left for your wedding, and this is the best time to book everything from flights to hotels for your honeymoon. You might get lucky and grab a deal that proves to be a real value for your money.

  •  Send Out Your Wedding Invites

This is the best time to send out invites to your friends and family. Check the invite and get the respective names printed and email them to your guest list.

event planning party
  •  Schedule Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Getting a pre-wedding shoot done is an important task on your marriage checklist. You can select forts or gardens nearby or resorts located a few kilometers from your place for the best photo-shoot. It is the best time to break the internet with your pre-wedding pictures and remind everyone to save the date.

  • Party with your friends or take a trip

Getting married is fun, but what’s best is living like there is no tomorrow before getting hitched. This is the best time for creating the best memories. Plan a memorable trip with your friends to a place where you’ve always wanted to go or celebrate your singlehood.

  •  Book a special stay for your First Night

This day won’t come again! So, search for luxury hotels that you always wanted to visit with your partner, and book that place right away. Moreover, you can ask the management to make special arrangements like flowers, cake, and candle Night dinner in advance.

  •  Try your wedding Attire

We know that you are waiting to wear the special outfit on your the-day, and also you might have tried your attire a couple of times already. Wear your attire and put your footwear for a final trial to see if you need any kind of alternations. 

We hope this article would help you to design a wedding planning checklist, tick off everything well in advance, and relax your last singlehood days.

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