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August 6, 2020
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August 29, 2020
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While selecting a wedding venue you make sure that you will get all of the information about the venue so that your wedding is as magical as you always imagined it would be. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process so you must want to get it amazing.

Nothing is more unfortunate that not having your wedding venue come through on your wedding day so we at Mallu Farms thought to help you, we would give you a list of 10 things to consider while selecting A Wedding Venue to help get the perfect wedding. 

wedding venue guest list
  1. Will it Fit My Guest List?

Guest counting will definitely take two or three weeks into the wedding planning process but if you do not have an idea of what size wedding then it is quite difficult to select a venue confidently.

Guest count is not at all required when you look the, but the very first came from the venue people that how many guests you will be inviting. The rough idea of your guests’ list will definitely allow you to cross your guests’ list without having to go look at them in person because every venue mentions their facility size online.

Mallu Farms is the best wedding planner in Delhi NCR, they will help you to save your time, you just need to call them and they will take all your worries.

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2. Does the Venue Offer the Style and Look that you Desire?

A romantic venue, elegant décor, delicious cuisine all of these makes the wedding venue appealing and make your wedding a perfect wedding. Although, planning a style-specific wedding all venues is not an easy task.

Taking into account what the theme of your wedding you want will help you to choose the venues you need to visit. Many couples think that they don’t need to decide on a wedding theme early on, but we think that it is one of the most important decisions because you might be able to save your time and efforts for selecting the perfect venue as per your dream wedding.

wedding venue service

3. Is it A Full-Service venue?

A full-service wedding venue offers almost everything that you will need for the big day. If you have some extra time to spend planning your wedding, a full-service venue is the best way to go.

On the other hand, if you have the time then you can go to venues who simply offer you space and you have to create the wedding of your dreams. Both have their own benefits, so before picking either one, do a little research.

Although, some venues have preferred wedding planners that help you to make your wedding a dream wedding, so that is something to ask about before you book the venue. 

4. Will It Be too hot or too cold?

Couples probably have a good idea of what season they want to get married, which will help to shape the wedding venue search. Always remember many venues might showcase images beautiful season like autumn on their websites, so make sure you ask to see the pictures from the season you intend to get married.

If the venue holds weddings in all seasons, make sure you ask questions like, “Are there blowers and air conditioning? Is there a covered space if all of sudden it starts to rain? Getting married is one of the most exciting things in a person’s life, you also need to take into account any special accommodations your guests might need while selecting a venue.

A perfect venue is one that must have proper accessibility for people with disabilities, a venue must have full wheelchair access or adequate restroom facilities. If you are searching for the venue for your dream wedding then Mallu farms are the best option for all facilities.

5. What are the Hours to Operate?

This is a very essential consideration. If you envision dancing under the moonlight followed by delicious cuisine and more dancing, be sure that the venue allows that.

Some venues have noise restrictions that limit how late you can enjoy on the dancing floor. Others have set hours with no option for over-time while some charge a fee past a certain number of hours. Make sure you get the venue’s “Hours of operation” policy in writing.

6. How much of a Deposit Amount is required?

Here is the list of few important questions to ask about the financial requirements of a venue. Firstly, what is the rental fee, what is included in that amount, and what is the refund policy? You can also ask about a discount for a day or season that as not as popular.

Secondly, how much is the deposit amount, when it is due and is any part of it is refundable? Thirdly, do they offer a payment plan? You should get all these points in writing so there will be no misunderstanding in the future! Although we warned, many venues do not lock in your date until they have signed a contract and your deposit.

7. Do I Have to use the Venue List of Vendors?

Many venues have a list of preferred vendors that they want you to work with. Working with these vendors can be best because they know about the space and have worked there before also, but if the list does not offer you many options, you may not find someone who can work within your budget.

If your selected venue does not have a list of preferred vendors, they still have a good resource for referrals because they have probably worked with many local vendors and also know who is good or bad.

wedding party hall

8. How Close Are Overnight Accommodations?

If your wedding is a destination wedding or you have guests traveling far enough then they will definitely stay overnight, it’s a good idea to find out if there are enough lodge, hotels or motels in the area to accommodate.

If you select the venue and there will be no adequate housing option nearby then it is a major problem. The best idea to call the local innkeepers and find out if they help you to provide a room block and special rate for your guests. 

parking in wedding

9. Is There Ample Parking?

In many wedding venues, parking is the major problem and an added expense. Find out if the venue provides free parking and also how many cars it can accommodate.

If they are not providing then you have to decide what the alternatives are, like hiring buses. The venue owner has to deal with all this before they should be able to give you a great estimate not only of the costs but also the logistics.

If it ends with valet parking, give tips to the valet parkers in advance so your guests won’t have to.

10. Do they have Great Lighting and Sound Equipment?

Good lighting is an important element in achieving the look and feels you have been dreaming about your wedding and a good sounding system is equally important not only for the DJ, band, and also for the toasts and wedding party introduction.

Everyone wants to look beautiful, right?

So you must check the fixed lighting, find out if you can add more lighting, like candle, chandeliers, café light, and also check how electrical outlets they have and where they are.

Moreover, you will want to be sure the band or DJ has access to the outlets and the caterer also need some too. For an outdoor wedding you may use generators, so find out with your venue owner if they have one available or if you have to rent. 

These are the 10 important considerations while selecting the venue for your wedding, but there are many more to think about as well. So make a list of all your important questions.

Write down the answers when you are talking to the venue owners, and don’t feel afraid to ask numerous questions, that is the only way you will get to know whether the venue is right for you or not.

Take the pictures and try to visit at least one more time before finalizing the venue. 

If you are planning your wedding then your search for a perfect site can end when you check out the facilities offered at Mallu Farms.

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