Wedding Planning Advice for couples during COVID-19
Wedding Planning Advice for couples during COVID-19
May 1, 2020
Why you should rent your wedding lehenga and not buy it
Why you should rent your wedding lehenga and not buy it?
May 20, 2020
Tips to Throw a Memorable Bachelorette Party

A fun filled bachelorette is what we all girls dream about. Besides marriage, it is the 2nd most important Event in a bride’s life. Bachelorette is a way of letting the bride have her moment in the midst of all the wedding chaos with her friends.

A ‘hen night’. Funny isn’t it! A bachelorette party is also called a hen night which means a party held for a woman who is about to get married. Typically the maid of honor is the one who plans the bachelorette party though any other bridesmaid or loved one can plan it.

Tips to Throw a Memorable Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is to honor the bride’s single life, spending time with the closest friends and having lots of fun. It is also a time for the bride to relax completely without getting distracted from the entire wedding planning shenanigans. While planning a bachelorette always remember that it is for the bride and therefore everything should be planned according to what she likes and wants.

We at Mallu farms have listed below a few tips to help you throw the perfect bachelorette: –

  1. Talk to the Bride: – You might think that you know all about your best-friend who is soon to marry. But before deciding on anything talk to the bride. It is very important to know what the bride wants and how she wants her party. Know her preferences, her guest list and other things she wants in her bachelorette and then plan accordingly. Your idea might differ from hers but respect the bride’s wishes. Stick to what you’re sure she’ll like.
  2. Make a guest list: – Sit and discuss with the bride as to whom all she wants to invite to the bachelorette. Usually, the bachelorette consists of cousins, close friends, co-workers. Also, ask your guests who all are available to go on the given date. Then accordingly prepare a final guests list.
  3. The Plan: – Decide on whether to have a bachelorette in town or a destination party. Both require lots of searching. Find a good organizer who is giving you the best deal. There are many bachelorette party ideas such as a pajama party, a Cocktail Party or any themed party, party in a night club or a destination party at a nice location. If you are planning to throw a destination party, then you need to consider a lot of options such as travel arrangements, hotels and other things for all the guests. If you have a good event planner then they will take care of all the arrangements.
  4. Prepare the budget carefully: – Remember that not everyone can spend the same amount. You have to think about everyone while preparing the budget for the party. It’s better to ask from before how much all can spend. Prepare 2 – 3 party options and discuss with others. Then create a budget depending on the plan and share it with all before-hand. It’s better to collect an overhead cost in the beginning so that there is no awkward moment such as ‘you didn’t pay me yet’. If any amount is left post the event then returns it to the guests. Just be clear about what is and what isn’t covered in the budget.
  5. Early booking: – booking all the places as early as possible will cost you less. Once the plan has been made final, go ahead and book the hotels and other travel arrangements. If you are planning to do activities which require prior book then book it from before. You might not get the desired date and price if you book late.
  6. Send a detailed itinerary: – Your guests need to be informed beforehand so that they keep their calendar free. Your guests are equally excited so is the bride, so make sure that they are involved in all the plans and are well informed about it. The itinerary much consist of all the major details such as the place, travel dates, stay details, and a fun message to boost their excitement. If you are planning an out of town party then include the details of each day so that the people know what all they are spending for.
  7. Add the fun stuff: – Make sure that the party is a complete fun package. Include things like games, spa and massage, a photoshoot with some clever decoration or props, water sports or site seeing, or local shopping. This will make the weekend more fun and exciting. Have a theme party one night and dress up accordingly.
  8. Don’t forget the decorations: – Be creative, use props and decorate the room to make it memorable. All attention should be on the bride and so make her feel pampered and special. Keep a theme and go crazy. Think about the little details which you can use to make the party different from all others.
  9. A parting gift: – Not Compulsory but it will definitely make it more special for everyone. Prepare a small parting gift with a note for everyone thanking everyone for coming and making it more special for the bride.
  10. Make it memorable: – Make it memorable for the bride, take lots of pictures. It will make everyone to bond more with each other. Keep a few surprises for the bride. Make a video for the bride like a trip down memory lane. Enjoy yourselves to fullest but most importantly be safe and healthy.

These are some Tips To Help You Throw a Memorable Bachelorette Party.

Some people think that having a bachelorette means that you are not that thrilled about your marriage and you will miss your single life that’s why you are having the party. But that is not true bachelorette is just a way to celebrate yourself the friendships you have gained and happily accepting the next chapter of your life.

If you think that you don’t want or need a bachelorette party then you don’t need to have one. However, before letting go of the idea completely, take into consideration the fact that you as well at all other brides-to-be deserve to be celebrated, celebrate the friendships that you have gained and the life that you have lived. It doesn’t have to be the same way everyone else does it; it can be completely different and completely your own. The key is to honor yourself and have the best time ever with your closest friends.


To conclude, if you looking for some of the best event planners in Delhi to plan your bachelorette or other marriage functions, then we at Mallu Farms are here to help you out to make your day a beautiful memory to be cherished forever.

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