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Tips to Throw a Memorable Bachelorette Party
May 5, 2020
7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear
7 Wedding Dresses to wear at an Indian Wedding
May 23, 2020
Why you should rent your wedding lehenga and not buy it

“All eyes on her!”  Well that’s what every bride wants on her big day.

Every bride dreams of a spectacular designer wedding lehenga that will make her feel like a queen. While buying a designer lehenga is a bride’s dream, it leaves a dent on your pocket. Wedding lehenga’s aren’t cheap, they are expensive and if you wish for top designer lehenga then it’s going to cost just too much.

Many famous wedding planners in Delhi often advise their brides to rent their wedding lehenga instead of buying it, the sole reason being that wedding lehenga’s are for one time wear only and renting comes with a lot of advantages. There are many bridal boutiques that provide rental services, all you need to do is search for Indian wedding lehenga for brides on rent, and if you have a Wedding Planner this task will become simple as they will list down the rental boutiques for you.

We at Mallu Farms have listed down the reasons why you should rent your wedding lehenga and not buy it?

  • Heard of YOWO: – You Only Wear Once. Wedding lehengas are meant to be only worn once. They are heavy and expensive. If you rent your wedding lehenga it will cost you less, you don’t need to worry about storing it, polishing it or keeping it safe. Save yourself form the hassle and rent you wedding lehenga.
  • Cost Effective: – There is no point in spending thousands on your designer lehenga. Dresses that are way over our budget, renting it seems to be a sensible option. Every bride wants to get dressed up in a high-end designer lehenga such as lehengas from Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi. How such lehengas costs in lakhs. Renting such designer lehenga will only cost a fraction of the original price and you will get the opportunity to rock a designer piece. You can also rent wedding lehengas that carry similar resemblance as the designer one at a very less cost. So why not rent you wedding lehenga instead of buying one?
  • Less Time Consuming: – Renting saves the day and the process is quick. The most time consuming part of bridal shopping is choosing the bridal lehenga. Brides spend hours in the boutiques just to select the dress. The process of getting the dress is also time consuming, once you finalize the dress, it takes almost one month to create a brand new piece irrespective of the place you buy it from. But in case of renting, you may find the right design and dress just in few minutes. Even in case of alterations, it won’t take more than a week or two to get it done. Rentals have faster turn-around time. Renting you wedding lehenga will save time and money.
  • No Worries about Aftercare: – Wedding dresses need a lot of aftercare. You can’t just store it inside a box and keep it under your bed. Wedding dress need to be kept in an air tight packet, taken out from time to time for getting it cleaned and polished. Every lehenga needs a special aftercare based on its material and embroidery. Wedding dress do gets a little bit dirty after wearing it all night. Dry cleaning and dress preservation comes with an additional cost along with buying the dress. Instead of doing the work of dry cleaning and maintaining your wedding lehenga, why not leave it in the hands of the professionals? Renting a dress takes off this burden. The rental company takes care of the cleaning and dress preservation enabling you to save up more money. All you need to do is just send back the dress once you are done.
  • You can go for Designer Outfit: – Buying a designer lehenga that you are going to wear once and then lock it away in the closet makes no sense. With the option of renting the lehenga, the designer lehenga becomes more accessible for those who do not wish to spend a huge amount on the dress. As mentioned earlier renting is a cheaper option. It saves up a lot of money. Designer lehenga costs us lakhs and the price keeps going upwards. But if you rent the same designer lehenga if will cost a fraction of the actual amount. By renting, you can get the opportunity to wear your favourite designer’s lehenga and that to at a very less cost. This way, you don’t have to resort to a cheap knockoff of the original and you can fault your designer lehenga with much ease.
  • The Money Saved can be Utilised somewhere else: – Renting the bridal lehenga saves up a lot of money. The money saved can be put to use in some good way or the other. You can spend the money to choose a great decorator who will make your wedding look like a dream come true, or you can spend it in booking good catering service. You can also use the money to extend your honeymoon trip. There are endless options to spend the money one. With renting you can step up your wedding game while looking absolutely gorgeous as you head up to the mandap.
  • Hassle free Destination Wedding: – Some destination boutiques allow you to rent your dress thus making it convenient for destination brides. This helps the bride to not worry about packing or wrinkling the dress as well as there is no chance of any worst case scenarios like lost luggage.
  • A Practical Decision: – We are a generation that easily gets bored with a particular design and move on. Even in case of bridal lehengas, you may restyle it but will always remain inside your closet. You cannot pass on your dress to your daughter or grand-daughter as the style and trend then will be completely different. So why spend so much on something that you are only going to wear once? It’s better to just rent you wedding lehenga and save yourself from all the hassle.

If you are confused and deciding on purchasing your wedding lehenga instead of renting it, then we would suggest you to stop thinking anymore. Purchasing an expensive lehenga is not cost-effective and practical as you are only going to wear it once in your lifetime.

Moving forward we hope that that you are convinced to rent your lehenga and not buy it. Let’s now discuss on how the rental process works?

  • If you search for Indian wedding dress for brides on rent you will get numerous options. There are many online stores as well as retail boutiques that offer rental services. You just need to visit their website or stores and looks at the dresses available and pick the one for yourself.
  • Rental Timeline: – the rental shops offer the rental timeline which ranges between a few days to a week.
  • Rental deposit money: – Rental stores usually charge an initial refundable amount before giving the dress. This serves as security deposit money for the dress rented.
  • Alterations: – Any alterations required on the dress depend on the rental company. Some boutiques include the alteration cost in the cost of rental while some allow temporary alterations that can be opened later to adjust to the size or length. The alteration options in case of rental are limited as compared to buying.
  • Rental cost: – The rental price depends on the lehenga design, the rental time period chosen and the rental company. However, renting a bridal lehenga is always cheaper than buying a brand new one.

To conclude, if you want to know where to rent your bridal lehenga from you can contact as at Mallu Farms. We are among the famous wedding planners in Delhi and are here to help you out with all you wedding needs.

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