Wedding ideas that plans in delhi ncr
Wedding Ideas That You Can Plan in Delhi NCR
May 28, 2021
Unique & Stylish outfit ideas for the Groomsmen
July 16, 2021

The wedding ring is a very special piece of jewellery for every bride and groom. Wedding photographers capture every detail of the ceremony, from the beautiful lehengas and the stunning bridal jewellery to the groom’s sherwani to the beautiful decor. They often overlook the stunningly beautiful wedding rings, even though they are capturing every moment. When it comes to trends, we can safely say that the engagement or wedding ring photoshoots are hugely popular. We came across some amazing ring photos on Instagram that set the internet ablaze! We couldn’t resist sharing these amazing photos with you! 

Weddings are expensive. Modern couples spend a lot of money and time to find the right ring for them. These sacred rings are a key part of the wedding and can be used to bind the couple forever. Modern couples are trying new and trendy things for their wedding, whether it’s wedding photos or wedding attires. 

The rings can be photographed together with other accessories and jewellery for your wedding days, such as earrings and cufflinks, or you can just pose with the beautiful mehndi in your hand. You can also have them assembled beside your stationery and set in the same frame to highlight your venue’s architectural details or on one of your carefully selected decor pieces. We have the perfect post for you if you are looking for ways to capture the magic moment of your engagement or proposal. These are 30+ ideas and inspirations for engagement announcements that you can save and see. You can show off your engagement ring in new and exciting ways. 

Grab a Prop 

30+ Ideas for Winter Engagement Photos | How They Asked

You might not like how your hand looks in photos. Why not get a prop to make it look more natural? You can use a variety of items to make a photo, such as a coffee cup, tea mug, bunch of flowers or a glass of bubbly. 

You And Him 

show off your couple and your ring at the same time, what can tell better than that

You can take a photo of yourself and your man, or you could pose together in many different ways. Take a walk and show your ring to the world. He may be able to point at it, or you might. You can also hug and kiss your groom-to-be while you show off your ring. Another idea is to take photos of you and your groom-to be a little further away. He may stand, jump, or do whatever else you want. It looks cool! 

Keep it Candid 

Although it might look great, your friends will see the gimmicky or super-posey’ stolen form Pinterest’s photo. Instead of copying what you see online, grab a picture of you and your partner and your new ring. Everyone will be so excited to see you and your ring, and a quick snap of you and your other half will make it seem more genuine than trying to take 100 photos of your hand in order to get the perfect shot. 

In The Clouds  


We know that you are engaged, and that you are on cloud nine! There is no better place than the clouds to show off your happiness and find your new rock. 

Strike a (flattering) pose 

How to Get The Best Wedding Photos | Tips for Good Wedding Photos

Relax your fingers and place a prop or your hands on your fiance to get rid of creepy hands. Instead of taking photos that show every pore and hair on your hands, tilt the camera or your hand slightly to avoid exposing them. 

Scout an exciting background 

Pin on Amazing Engagement Rings

You can unleash your inner photographer. For your ring selfie, choose an Instagram-worthy backdrop such as a patterned pillow, latte, or skyline. Engagement rings are a must-have for many people, especially when they have a stunning background and dazzling bling. 

Love Bands in Lap of Nature 

100+ Wedding Ring Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

You can choose a beautiful sunset, a flower garden, or leaves as your backdrop. This will give your photo a more natural look. Photographs that are taken in the natural environment always turn out beautifully. 

 Involve Your Furry Friend 

Ways to Flaunt Your Wedding Ring in Pictures

This picture is just too adorable and full of love. The relationship between the dogs and the couple is adorable! This shot deserves an “I Do” from us. It’s a wonderful idea to include your furry friend at the beginning of your new journey. This is so adorable, isn’t it? 

Scramble It Away with Words 

30+ Ringfie Ideas! Flaunt Your Engagement Ring In Cool New Ways | WedMeGood

To express your love for your partner, nothing can beat the words “LOVE”. These wooden letters of love can be used to replace the letter O in your wedding ring. This picture is beautiful! Isn’t it? 

Use A Bokeh Background 

Wedding Ring Bokeh High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

We’re sure you spent a lot of effort, time and money to find the perfect wedding ring for your special day. They will always be on your finger, but it will be nice to have your wedding rings in a special place in your wedding album. This cover will be absolutely stunning with this picture. 

We hope that we have provided you with enough and appealing options for your groomsmen, if you are getting married this season. If you are looking for a best wedding planner in Delhi for Indian Wedding Decoration, may it be an elegant farm in Chhatarpur or a modern and exquisite banquet hall in Delhi, you are at the right place. We provide the most posh and lavish farmhouse for wedding in Delhi. Visit our website to know more! 

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