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Haldi Ceremony Decoration Idea

Our country is a vast land full of diverse cultures and traditions. Weddings happen to be one of the essential events for us. There are multiple numbers of traditional activities that make up the entire wedding ceremony. Such events require proper planning and execution for their ultimate success on the D-day. Hence, it is essential to find the best wedding planner in Delhi that can take of every intricate detail of these events ideally. 

  • About Haldi Ceremony
haldi ceremony ideas

Among the several traditional rituals in an Indian wedding, one of the most exciting ones is the Haldi ceremony. It is an auspicious event where turmeric, water, and oil are applied to both the bride and the groom by married women.

The event occurs during the morning of the wedding. People believe that the mixture of these three ingredients produces a glowing and bright looking skin. People also celebrate this function for the protection of both the groom and the bride.

As the Haldi ceremony brings prosperity, this function is considered as an auspicious event to commence the start of their new life together. Many people also use the mixture of the turmeric powder with milk or rose water along with sandalwood.

This mixture is sent to the respective places of both the groom and the bride by the families. The best wedding planner in Delhi arranges for traditional songs and dance that accompany this ceremony.

According to customs, the brides and the grooms can apply this paste on their unmarried siblings for prosperity and good luck. People engaging in this ceremony often dress up in bright yellow attire to match the colour of the event.

Due to the presence of such bright colours around, this ceremony is one of the colourful events of the wedding function. Following the event, the bride and the groom seek the blessings of the elders for good luck and happiness.

Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

haldi ceremony decoration ideas

Just like any other wedding rituals, the Haldi ceremony is one of the prominent events which precede the wedding function. Hence, it requires unique decorations and themes to accentuate the entire look of the event. Although this event is all about the yellow colour, yet the recent trends of this ceremony speak a different tale.

People all over the country are coming out of the stereotypical decorative ideas. They are focusing more on trying out fun ideas to lighten up the ceremony with funky Haldi ceremony themes and colourful designs. So, here are some of the trendiest ways to plan the best and quirky Haldi ceremony in 2020:

  • Fun And Colourful Hangings For The Ceremony

Haldi ceremony is all about food, songs, and decorations. So why not light up the best party venues in Delhi with different kinds of hangings to add the glamour quotient?  You can find all sorts of eccentric and funny hanging decorations in the market.

Such decorations can raise the bar of the event décor instantaneously. If you want to add in a personal touch to your event, you can prepare these on your own. You can arrange different hangings like colourful umbrellas, handmade lanterns, kites, puppets, chandeliers, and lots more. In case of doubts, hire the best wedding planner in Delhi to help you out with such planning.

  • A Throne For The Queen

The bride is the focal point of the wedding ceremonies. So what can be better than preparing all the decorations according to her choice? She is the queen of these ceremonies. Hence you must arrange for the throne of the queen for her Haldi function.

To give a unique touch to the seating arrangement, you can convert a sofa or a rickshaw into a throne for the bride. Such a decorative arrangement will surely grab the eyeballs of the guests instantly. You can also add a few bride banners to let people know that the queen reserves the rights. You can also ask the wedding planners for more information on Indian marriage decoration themes.

  • Shamiyana- A Must For The Grand Haldi Rituals
Shamiyana- A Must For The Grand Haldi Rituals

If you have always dreamt of planning a royal wedding for your princess, then why leave out the graceful shamiyana out? A Haldi ceremony looks incomplete without the addition of royal shamiyana meant for the queen.

Shamiyana is an evergreen and one of the most popular Haldi function ideas for the bride. A brightly coloured shamiyana made out of floral garlands are perfect both the grand entry of the bride and for other ceremonies.

You can arrange different ones for the queen and the guests separately. You can prepare these out of lights or cloth or even beautiful bright flowers according to one’s preferences. To make it more unique and elegant, throw in some bright colours to accentuate the overall look of the ceremony.  

  • Get A Floral Photo Booth For The Guests

Add a unique theme to the Haldi ceremony by making it compulsory for every attendee to click pictures with Haldi. It would be fun to see every individual with funny Haldi mixed expressions hanging around to click the photos in the floral booths. The bride can also have a few fun pictures with her gang as well as other relatives. Make sure to throw in some fresh and vibrantly colourful flowers around to make it more attractive and gorgeous.

  • Minimalist Green Decorations

In case you want to go green at your wedding ceremony, you can get the best wedding planner in Delhi to plan out minimalist decorations for your Haldi ritual. Keep the décor simple with environmentally friendly options to send the message out to every guest boldly. You can keep a dress code for guests to suit the theme of the ceremony and encourage people to green accordingly. 

  • A Decorate Aisle To Welcome The Attendees
Haldi Decoration items

A beautifully decorated aisle to welcome the guests is a must for the Haldi ceremony. You do not have to invest much for this one if you have a lawn or a garden backyard. Just throw in some fairy lights, decorative Haldi decoration items, and a welcome board, and you are set to go. You can keep a message board there for the guests to write sweet notes about the bride and the groom, respectively.

  • Swing By The Beach

In case if you are planning a beach destination wedding, then make sure to put up a decorated swing by the beach. Every not and then relive your childhood memories with your family and friends as you swing by the beach waters on your Haldi ceremony. In case you want to arrange for such attractive decorations, refer to the services of Mallu Farms.

Apart from these decorative ideas, you can also accentuate the overall look of the ceremony by adding a few floral drapes all across the venue. In case you want to go for dreamy arrangements, throw in some fairy lights and a pleasant backdrop to complete the look. You can also ask for suggestions from your wedding organisers to plan out the Haldi ceremonies correctly. To find such organisers, refer to the services of Mallu Farms.

Indian Marriage Decoration Themes

Apart from the incredible Haldi ceremony ideas, here are some affordable Indian wedding decorative ideas for reference:

  • Creative Photo Backdrops Of The Events

Weddings allow you to get all our near and dear ones under the same roof. We all want to enjoy as our beloved ones take their vows for a new journey of life. So, why not decorate the venue backdrop with beautiful memories of the families along with the groom and bride? Imagine reliving all the childhood memories as you walk down the aisle towards your soul mate, holding the hands of your parents.

  • Add The Fun Quotient With The Funky Bicycles

One of the popular cheap wedding decoration ideas is the addition of colourful funky bicycles as the background props. These can potentially be used to add a retro vibe to your wedding set-up. Make the arrangements as such that the guests can take some trendy pictures around these decorations with the couple. To make it more decorative, throw in some lights and floral decorations.

  • A Q/A Game Booth For Both The Families

Another way to spice up the tedious wedding ceremonies is to arrange fun games like the “Q/A about the couple.” Make a seating arrangement for both the parties and ask them some inside questions about both the groom and the bride. See what the respective families have to tell about their little ones. It would be fun to listen to the fun answers from both parties.

Mandap for haldi

Mandap happens to be one of the essential aspects of Indian weddings. It refers to a beautifully decorated structure with pillars made of wood or floral decorations. The main rituals of the wedding ceremonies take place in this region. The groom and the bride exchange their lifelong vows here. Hence, this place needs proper decoration as it is the central focal point of the entire marriage ceremony.

To get the perfect look of a mandap, go minimalistic with floral drapes and simple seating arrangements in an outdoor setting. It provides you the chance of taking your vows in the lap of nature without going overboard with the decorations.

To get more information on Indian marriage decoration themes and ideas, refer to the services of Mallu farms. It is a reputed organisation that excels in providing affordable yet attractive venue halls in the Delhi NCR region. Check out their website to know more about their packages and services works for reference.  

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