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15 Smart Ways to Arrange a Wedding in a Budget

Planning and executing a wedding in India is never an easy task. It is no doubt that weddings are one of the most costly affairs in our country. Every individual wants a grand wedding for them, but many often compromise due to the budget for their marriages. However, if you manage to get the services of top luxury wedding planners in Delhi, then pulling off a great wedding within budget is possible.

A wedding planner not only guides you through the decorations and the venue choices but also provides you valuable suggestions to cut down the extra expenses. A good and reputed planner can offer you all the details of the best venues around within your budget without compromising with the theme of the wedding.

Even many leading organizers provide the best choices for their clients without any extra expenses during the peak season. Therefore, if you want to plan a grand wedding for your beloved one without burning a hole in your pockets, it is time to look for such wedding planners. To know more about such wedding planners, make sure to check out the services of Mallu Farms.

How To Plan A Wedding On A Small Budget

We all know how the budget always exceeds when we start planning a wedding for our loved ones. Right from decorating items to venue bookings, somehow, the expenses raise the charts quite fast. But controlling such costs becomes a challenge for both the families as we all want the best for our near ones. Hence, here is a friendly guide to help you plan a luxury wedding within your strict budget:

  1. Keep A Detailed Draft Of Your Financial Condition

One of the most crucial things to do before you start any kind of planning would be making a draft of your current financial condition. Never forget that the finances form the base of any type of event and party. The first thing you need to make sure of before hiring a wedding planner would be to arrange the funds appropriately.

Keep in mind that you always have to spend wisely and not frivolously. Also, do not forget to compartmentalize every segment and assign a budget for the same. That way, you would be able to determine the exact costs of each event and plan them accordingly.

  • Selection Of The Venue

Once you have assigned a separate budget for every aspect of the event, you need to focus on choosing a suitable venue. Here comes the role of a wedding planner. Such professionals are skilled in helping you to choose low budget wedding venues near me. Another benefit of these planners is that you can get access to such sites at cheaper rates, even during peak season. So, get hold of such planners to get the best affordable venues for a luxury wedding in your dream destination.

  • Shop During The Off-Season

In this country, we start planning the wedding much before a year from the date of the event. So why not try to shop every possible item during the off-season? The off-season is always great to shop around as you get exclusive deals and offers. As a result, you no longer have to compromise with the quality of the substances without exceeding your budget. This is one of the most popular cheap wedding ideas which are followed by many people across the world.

  • Get Your Music System

Music is an essential part of every Indian wedding. No wedding ceremony is complete without that family dance and “sangeet” ceremony. However, these events tend to become quite costly, depending on the charges of the DJ and the corresponding music system.

To arrange such events without exceeding your budget, you can arrange your music system for the same. Also, ask the guests and the family members to suggest some pop music according to their choices for the event. That way, you can incorporate some peppy numbers for the guests without going overboard with your budget.

  • Compromise A Little On The Flowers

We love to decorate the venue and every other aspect of the wedding with colorful flowers. However, as you already know, flowers happen to be one of the most costly decorations available in the market. Also, do not forget that these flowers can easily get spoiled due to climatic conditions.

According to the luxury wedding planners in Delhi, one needs to be careful about the wastage of flowers during any events. Hence, try to limit the usage of flowers in decorating the entire venue to keep a check on the budget for the wedding.

  • Prepare A Sensible Guest List For The Event

If you want to keep a strict check on your budget for the wedding, make sure to prepare a logical list of the guests. Remember, as you go on increasing the guest list, the budget for the wedding event would also keep on increasing considerably.

Hence make a priority list of the guest for the event. Try to call the ones who are incredibly close to the family. Remember, you need the good wishes of the ones who matter in your life. Hence, cut down the list and call those who close to your heart for the blessings for your new life.

  • Make Your Plan In Advance

Do not keep any plans for the last moment as such planning always exceeds the budget of the wedding. Book all the professionals way too early to get exclusive packages and discounts for the wedding. Right from photographers to makeup artists, inexpensive wedding locations to decorators and wedding planners, get their bookings early. The more you plan soon, the more you save your budget for the rest of the events. 

This step is extremely crucial for planning wedding events within a strict budget. That is because; the last minute preparations are always costly for any kind of events. Remember that when you hire the services of professionals just before the wedding date, you end up paying way more than the usual rates. Hence, cut it short with advance wedding event bookings.

  • Ask The Wedding Experts

Another way to plan low budget marriages in this country would be by taking valuable advice from the experts. The wedding experts would be able to guide you through every intricate detail of the ceremonies within your strict budget.

In case you need such guidance, refer to the services of Mallu Farms. Here you can get reputed wedding planners along with affordable and attractive venues for all kinds of events. Along with that, this company excels in providing customizable wedding packages to their clients in the market. 

  • Go According To The Trends And The Season

If you choose the exotic flowers in the off-season, it might provide to be too costly for you. This applies to the choices of the cuisines as well. If you wish to get some decorations or food items that aren’t available readily, then you might drop the idea as well. That is because; getting such exotic and rare varieties of products can exceed the overall budget of the wedding.

  1. Did You Make A Priority List?

As Indian weddings are full of mini-events, we tend to make hasty decisions at the last moment. As a result, we end up spending much above our budget. In case you are searching for the budget Indian wedding decoration ideas, you need to know the primary concept of making a list. Prioritizing things are one of the best ways to plan a luxury wedding within your budget. If you prioritize all the events and their requirements, then you no longer have to worry about the budget.

  1. Make Thoughtful Choices For The Jewelleries

Who doesn’t want to look their best on their D-day? But getting the perfect diamond or gold jewelry in today’s market is an expensive affair for many families. To combat such situations, many families often prefer to give their old pieces of jewelry for weddings.

However, in case you lack that option of family inheritance, you can choose by combining the precious along with the semi-precious options. That means you can get some precious jewelry for the wedding and team them up with creative and affordable pairs available.

Also, refrain from getting such pieces of jewelry from any boutique stores in your location. That is because; these stores tend to quote higher prices for their products than the other ones. Hence, look for affordable options to get the pieces of jewelry for such events.

  1. Look For Budget Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

The wedding costs always exceed the planned budget due to the addition of extravagant décor for the event. If you are strict about planning the event within your budget, you have to make a cut on these expensive decorative ideas.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to plan a luxury wedding for your beloved one. All you have to do is get hold of a reputed wedding planner in the market. Such a professional can give you valuable ideas to cut down these costly décor without compromising on the overall look of the wedding event.

So, next time you worry about planning such events, make sure to hire the best wedding planner in the market.  To find such luxury wedding planners in Delhi for your events, refer to the services of Mallu Farms.

  1. Go For Creative Invitations For The Guests

Given the competition to create different kinds of invitations, these cards have become quite costly in today’s market. To make it more memorable without going way over the budget, try to think out of the conventional ideas. In case of doubts, ask your wedding planners to provide you some suggestions. In case you have a small gathering of friends and family members, you can create your own wedding cards along with your would-be partner.

Also, in today’s digital world, many couples like to opt for e-invitation cards for their weddings. This is not only a budget-friendly option but also helps to save paper and waste. Hence, you can go all environmental-friendly with such invitation options available in the market. To get more creative about the same, check out the ideas available on the site of Mallu Farms.

  1. Try To Prepare A Sensible Catering List For The Wedding

Just like the decorations, food is another way to save money for any kind of event. However, cutting down the budget of the wedding catering services can be dangerous to the event. As it is one of the most talked-about topics among the guests, you need to choose the menu as well as the caterers quite wisely. So, refer to those wedding planners who can provide tips on planning a grand wedding within a strict budget. These planners can also offer you valuable guidance about choosing the appropriate cuisines without exceeding any part of your budget.

While choosing the suitable caterer for the wedding, make sure to go for the one with multiple options. The last thing you would want will be the shortage of food items during the event. Hence, make sure to hire the services which come with a wide variety of items to choose from. In case you need the overall package from the venue, make sure to check all the services along with the prices thoroughly.

  1. Make Plans For Your Honeymoon

The wedding costs aren’t limited to the wedding night only. It also includes the costs of the honeymoon trip that follows the events. Hence, it is better to plan out all the details way early to get the best offers available in the market. The luxury wedding planners in Delhi not only plan your wedding events but can help you out with such bookings within an affordable price range.

Remember, this trip is crucial for the couples as they embark on a new journey with each other. Hence, even if you are on a strict budget, you need to carefully plan this trip out to get the best memories for life. Just like the wedding, you need to make all the bookings a little early to avoid paying any extra bucks during the season.

In case you need to get such services within affordable prices, make sure to check out the website of Mallu Farms. It is a reputed organization that provides budget Indian wedding decoration ideas to meet all the requirements of their clients. Right from affordable wedding venues to mesmerizing decorative designs, you find all kinds of event organizing services here.  The company has provided all their detailed information on their website for reference.

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