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July 16, 2021

Wedding is a celebration of love, friendship, trust and partnership. This day is one of the most important days of your life, so you just don’t want to wing it, but you want to plan it perfectly.  

Has the date of your wedding just been fixed and you are getting butterflies in your stomach already? Are you getting that ecstatic feeling that you are on the cloud9? If YES! then you might want to start working on planning your wedding or hire India’s best wedding planner to make your wedding dreams come true, whether it be your engagement, sangeet or THE BIG DAY. You would want everything to go perfectly. 

With so many options and so many ideas running through your mind, confused what to do?   

If your idea of ​​the perfect wedding revolves around the idea of ​​”nothing special, just love”, then you are the kind of person who thinks outside the box when choosing the colour of the wedding theme. Red, yellow and gold are the colours that no one chooses now. Wedding decorations become more and more creative every day, and people are beginning to choose unique colour combinations for every little detail of their wedding. If you have always dreamed of a wonderful wedding, then we believe that different shades of lilac are definitely suitable for your marriage banquet hall in delhi. Create an atmosphere of personality, mystery and fantasy loved by you and all of your guests. We have put together a great decorating idea, inspiring themes, colour combinations etc., especially for all the lilac lovers in the house. 

Then why wait? Keep scrolling and exploring! 

  1. Lilac Photobooth 
50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!

This gorgeous photo booth with purple curtains is whimsical, enough to attract a lot of attention and enhance the entire wedding venue. The use of beautiful pink and purple flowers and cute balloons and other small elements complement perfectly with the décor for a better experience. 

  1. All Purple Classy Backdrop! 
50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!

The decoration of the wedding venue is the most eye-catching element, which is why we think it should be decorated almost perfectly. Purple curtains and flowers are the most eye-catching items, and are generally used to decorate ornaments. The lantern emphasizes the atmosphere of the backdrop. This Lilac classy backdrop provides elegance to your overall stage theme and is the perfect set up for making perfect beautiful memories through the lens of a camera.  

  1. Candle lit lilac Stage Décor  
40 Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away! | Wedding  Décor | Wedding Blog

When you dim the lights and light a few candles, everything looks romantic. No, we are not talking about couple dinners, we are talking about beautifying your wedding night. If you are a candle lover, you will fall in love with this stage decoration as soon as you see it! The white flowers, purple curtains, and the background of the candle racks are a big plus! Oh yes, say hello to Beautiful wedding photos! If you want purple tones to enhance the appearance of your wedding venue, you can combine purple elements with white elements, we believe it will work well, the decorators here beautifully decorated the entire set with purple curtains and white tablecloths Area. It looks a bit like a fairy tale, and all the candles that are lit give a very romantic feeling. 

  1. Make it look Grand 

Add a touch of Lilac color to your wedding decoration by choosing a wedding scene design concept that looks like a part of the old palace. The combination of white, gold and purple in this farmhouse for wedding in Delhi makes us crazy about its beauty and makes it look so grand that your guests are going to get awestruck. 

  1. A Lilac Décor  
50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!

You can add lilacs, simple white and purple canopies, purple curtains, white pillars and sofas to the flowers to make your stage decoration a simple and attractive choice for those who like restraint. The perfect wedding decoration idea, isn’t it? The lavender dream catcher used for elegant wedding decoration will also perfectly match your wedding theme. When we talk about wedding decorations, dream catchers are definitely our first choice. Especially this purple dream catcher is so beautiful. It has purple wedding decoration, you can easily use these cute dream catchers to enhance the decoration effect and make it look all cute and give it a princess vibe. 

  1. Plan a flowery entry and exit and include lovely lilac flowers
50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!

If you want to decorate a magnificent wedding entrance, we suggest decorating the aisle with purple and white flowers. For mandap, you can choose purple curtains and white elements to match the overall look of the wedding venue. We like the flower throwing ceremony in the end of the wedding! It is very interesting, the photos are beautiful, the guests are very happy bathing you with beautiful flowers, as you just say your “I do’s”. All in all, it is the perfect set up for your emotional and beautiful exit from the wedding. 

  1. Pink & Purple Floral Jewellery  
50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!

Nowadays, everybody’s face is decorated with flowers. For us, they have the essence. Here the bride chose lovely pink and purple flowers for her jewellery. To go further, she paired the flowers with the golden Latkans. We think it looks great! 

We hope these ideas have left you feeling inspired and refreshed when it comes to planning your spring wedding! We provide one of best wedding venues in Delhi and have a team of best wedding planners in Delhi, who will work timelessly to bring your dreamy wedding to life.  

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