Why you should rent your wedding lehenga and not buy it
Why you should rent your wedding lehenga and not buy it?
May 20, 2020
The Future of Weddings in India
The Future of Weddings in India
June 8, 2020
7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear

Indian Weddings are known to be never ending days of celebration. They are grand, huge and with too many functions like roka/engagement, haldi, sangeet, pool party, cocktail party, wedding and reception.

What to wear in various functions is always a big question especially for the bride. The bride has to look exceptional in all the weddings and her outfit must according to the theme. Here are some ideas of various outfits to wear in different wedding functions: –

Ganesh puja or Mata ki Chowki:

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear - Ganesh puja or Mata ki Chowki

dressing conservatively is important especially in religious functions. Wear a red saree or a simple anarkali suit or palazzo pants and kurti for a pre-wedding puja.

Roka or engagement ceremony:

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear , Roka or engagement ceremony

it is functions were the bride and groom exchange rings and there is a small puja where the guests are limited. Wear a nice saree, lehenga or indo-western dress for such a function. Accessories your outfit but not too much, a statement earing would look good.

Pool party:

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Pool party

Pool parties are fun and everyone loves it. It’s the wear were both the families and guests enjoy and have fun keeping the wedding tensions aside. Wearing a simple outfit, a printed gown or a pant and top. No need to dress up to heavy for this even. Have fun with some cool props and make the most out of the party.

Cocktail party:

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, cocktail party

Some prefer a cocktail party before the wedding and some after. Elegant and western get up are perfect for cocktails. Wear a shimmery outfit or a gown and accessories yourself with a statement earing and a cocktail ring with a nice makeup may be a smokey eye and red lipstick.


7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Sangeet

It’s a function to show your moves. Sangeet is all about music and dance. Don’t wear a heavy dress or else you won’t be able to perform. Wear a gown or lehenga and accessorize.


7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Haldi

Just remember the yellow colour of happiness. Wear a simple outfit of yellow colour like skirt top or suit or a saree. Simple makeup and accessories made of flowers will do wonders.


7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear Mehendi

The colour themes for mehendi functions are generally green. Do not wear outfits with long sleeves. Outfits like skirt and top, patiala suits or crop top and palazzo pants are perfect for mehendi functions.

Wedding day:

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Wedding day

The most important day cause all eyes are on the bride. We at Mallu Farms have listed below 7 wedding dresses that a bride can wear in an Indian wedding.


7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Reception

The after wedding function and the last wedding function. Wear a pretty saree, lehenga or evening gown for it. Wear accessories like necklace, earing, rings, and bangles depending on the outfit.

Finding the perfect wedding outfit is a difficult task. It takes days to decide on what to wear and from where to buy. Renting a wedding dress is easier and cheaper. There are so many reasons to rent a bridal outfit. Check out our blog on ‘Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Lehenga And Not Buy It?’ and decide carefully whether you want to buy or rent.

Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Lehenga And Not Buy It

Indian weddings are considered to be the most colourful in the world. The events are fun and the wedding dresses remain unconventional and unique. The wedding attire is not a just a piece of fabric but carried within its weaves are the aspirations and dreams of the bride.

One of the most important choices is to choose the outfit that you will wear on your wedding day. It is special not only because the ceremonies are the embodiment of traditions but also because they are the object of glory to make the brides flaunt their beauty on the most important celebrations of their life.

Buy or renting, the wedding outfits are usually selected depending on the type of ceremony you are having like a South-indian wedding, Muslim wedding or Hindu wedding, or the time of the wedding like day wedding or evening wedding or the season like spring wedding, winter wedding or summer wedding. The outfit also changes depending on the latest wedding trends for women. Here are 7 wedding outfits which a bride can wear in an Indian Wedding: –

The Royal Bridal Lehenga: –

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear , The Royal Bridal Lehenga

This fashion never goes out. Lehengas have been in trend since forever. The bridal lehenga gives a bride a royal feel. Bridal lehengas are important and a favourite for almost all North Indian brides. The bride usually starts her wedding shopping by first picking up the lehenga of her choice. Traditionally brides used to choose rich red coloured lehenga but now that’s not the only choice. The colour palette for wedding lehenga keeps shifting each season.

Brides now prefer to wear designer lehengas, designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Anita Dongre, Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani offer refreshing options.

Choosing a refreshing new colour and how you style and carry it will surely make a unique fashion trend that would leave everyone awestruck and inspired. Colour like pastel lehengas, ombre lehengas, cream lehenga, pink and blue contrast lehengas, peach, yellow, magenta and multi-coloured lehengas are the new inspirations. While red lehenga have always been associated deeply with traditional sensibilities while making the bride look the most beautiful and apart from everyone else. Colour shades also depend on whether you are planning on having a day wedding or evening wedding.

Wedding Gowns: –

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Wedding Gowns

Every bride loves the idea of white weddings and gorgeous western gowns. Serving as an inspiration for Indian designers, gowns have become a fusion garment for all types of function be it a formal party, engagement, cocktail or even a wedding.

Creating a new fashion trend for their own brides are now choosing gown over lehengas. There a wide variety of colours and designs available from which you can pick the best one for your wedding ceremony. Gowns having bright colours like maroon orange or blue are a must have Indian wedding dresses. They come in different styles too like free-flowing drapes, the conservative wedding gown or a fusion piece like gown sarees.

Even though a gown doesn’t essentially come in the category of Indian wedding dresses but now more than ever we spot Indian brides serenading their husband in beautiful gowns. 

Sarees: –

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Sarees

Sarees holds a place of pride and an emotional tug enfolded into its pleats. There some brides who love the idea of sarees and still bow to its appeal and bring out the family heirlooms worn by their mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. Some brides cannot even imagine a traditional wedding without a saree.

Sarees made of Kanchipuram and chandheri silks, banarasi weaves, brocades and embroidered embellished pieces are preferred by brides. Sarees have always been considered to bringing out the beauty of a woman. If there is one bridal outfit that deserves a special mention in the list of wedding dresses then saree is one of them.

There are a number of fabrics, styles and colours in sarees to choose from. You can also reuse your wedding saree unlike lehengas and gown which are one time wear. The draping style can make your attire seem new and fresh each time.

Bridal Suit: –

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Bridal Suit

Many Punjabi brides opt for traditional bridal suits to wear for their Gurudwara weddings. Suits are more comfortable and easier to handle, especially if you have to constantly get up and sit for your ceremony.

Sharara: –

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Muslim brides

A go to outfit for Muslim brides, the sharara keeps receiving a periodic revival. Many cultures now love and accept this wedding dress and give it their own unique touch.

Shararas come in various lengths, from thigh-high to knee length. One can sport the sharara look effortlessly beautifully on their big day.

Indo-Western Outfits: –

7 Indian Wedding Dresses to Wear, Indo-Western Outfits

Fusion wear is the new trend. Mixing two different styles and make it one outfit is liked by many brides now a days. Dress like skirt and long kurti above it, lehenga saree or gown sarees are liked by many brides. Such outfits can be worn again later on and that’s the main reason why brides prefer these outfits.

Palazzo Pants: – Broad legged pants were the 90’s fashion in western wear. It can be seen again now but with a twist. Palazzo and kurti or palazzo and gown pattern kurti have become the new traditional wear being worn by many. The designers are now using this pattern and designing wedding outfits of the same pattern.

We hope that with list you are able to decide you Wedding Outfit and get your hands on it before your big day approaches. Follow the latest wedding trends for women with us. If you need any further assistance in planning your wedding you can contact Mallu Farms, the famous wedding planners in Delhi.

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