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It is not at all surprising to hear that the attack of Covid-19 changed all the rules and norms for almost every industry out there, especially the Wedding Industry! Gone are the days when there were huge and big-budget weddings with a large number of guest lists for your day. 

Due to the norms of Social Distancing, the trend for the Wedding Ceremonies has totally changed and people have shifted to minimal wedding ideas, namely ‘Micro Weddings’.

Haven’t heard about it yet? 

Let’s get to the concept of a Micro Wedding!

What is a Micro Wedding?

People are usually confused about what actually micro-weddings are! There are so much conflicting information and statements online to define micro-weddings, especially since they are so firmly identified with what is known as the Intimate Wedding! Well, truth be told, micro-weddings are really Intimate by nature. So all in all, what gives?

To define, a Micro-wedding is any ceremony, gathering, or reception which includes 50 or fewer guests. Couples frequently join an elopement and a gathering to make their micro wedding, however, you have the choice to do both with a smaller gathering. An elopement typically has under 10 guests or family members. This one is more of a Last-minute ceremony, under-the-radar celebration. Few married couples, followed by the trend, celebrate their wedding anniversaries by doing a micro-wedding with their friends and family. This can save you great money on your pre-marriage ceremony and reception with this even intimate yet delightful wedding alternative.

Tips to Host a Mesmerizing Micro Wedding!

Once you have decided to go for a Micro Wedding, use these tips to enjoy a great and joyous Micro Celebration without losing the charm on your day.

  • Search for an Exclusive Venue

For the couples who resist sharing their wedding venue with another couple or the general public, this is not at all a bad idea!

exclusive venue in chattarpur

If you are one of them, make sure to search for exclusive-use venues according to the size of your guest list. This will feel more private and safe, and nothing can beat the joy of having an entire venue, restaurant, or a small resort to yourself. While huge weddings are restricted to function spaces that can oblige a major gathering, couples arranging cozy weddings have the advantage to pick their favorite options for the wedding, be it an art gallery, a private beach, a cruise, or a private garden. 

As the most important aspect of wedding planning is the venue, find the best place to say ‘I do’ to your loved ones while feeling intimate.

  • Plan Creative Elements to add in the Wedding

When we talk about less wedding guests, we mean a good space for quality than quantity. With fewer guests, creativity becomes the most significant element to engage your limited guests and have the same fun. The small list of friends and family can result in an intimate and private venue that leaves the scope for more creative and innovative decoration ideas. You can include custom cocktail bars where the guests can sip their own customized drinks, organize gaming activities that involve the participation of your guests, etc. 

  • Opt for Your Favorite Sweets
add your fav. sweet

At the point when you’re making an effort not to give treats to more than 100 individuals, you can do without the cake and get more imaginative. For instance, if you love custom made sweets, pie, or candy, don’t hesitate to follow the idea. Some of the couples that wish for a micro wedding usually go for a smaller cake according to their guest’s list or divide the table for different sweets.

  • Decide If You Want DIY Floral Displays or a Florist
You Want DIY Floral Displays or a Florist

In a big-scale wedding ceremony, trying to pursue the idea of DIY Floral Displays can result in complete disaster. On the other hand, it can lead to great innovation or creativity in a small-scale celebration, as it gives you the freedom of trying out various creative elements as wedding decors due to a lesser number of attendees. If in case you are unable to decide about different flower variations to execute, you always have the option to call up a florist to help you with the stuff.

  • Consider a Destination Wedding

Have you always had a fantasy for the best wedding to happen? Or do you always love the idea of an open or fresh air wedding?

If yes, then this one’s for you! Because you chose a micro-wedding for you, it can save you a good cost and you might consider spending your money on a Destination wedding. 

A destination wedding can be the best for a micro-wedding ceremony to fulfill your fantasies according to your choice and taste!

  • Consider a Weekday Wedding

With the smaller number of guests or attendees, it’s most probable that they will be able to take a day off from work to attend your special day. Considering a weekday wedding will save you a good amount from the budget, allowing you to spend more on your guests, decorations, and good quality catering.

  • Host a family-only staycation
family staycation

If you live at a good distance from the city of your wedding, you and your family must have a choice of good quality hotels to stay in. Organize a staycation for your family, getaway for the weekend at the destination, enjoy your spa day with them, have a delicious meal, and say your ‘I do’s’.


Now that you know what a Micro Wedding actually is with plenty of ideas of how to plan it, customize and personalize your wedding ceremonies using these creative ideas and feel the joy and intimacy of you ‘I do’.

If you are planning to organize a minimal or a micro wedding for yourself or your near ones (we know you are), Mallu Farms, a remarkable wedding farmhouse in Delhi is the best wedding space for your micro wedding with the best group of organizers.

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