How to host a Micro Wedding Creatively?
November 30, 2020
A Guide to COVID-19 Wedding In Delhi
A Guide to COVID-19 Wedding In Delhi
December 18, 2020
romantic ways to propose

Having someone to love you enough and stand beside you through every thick and thin is nothing but a blessing. Relatable? Congrats! You have found your only one. If you think you did, the time has come to make them yours, forever! You might be thinking of innumerable ways to ask them in a special way that is not at all common and make your wedding process a memorable one. Well, we got you!

romantic ways to propose

Although every proposal is a special one if that comes straight from your heart, we are listing down a few special ways to make your special one feel even more special.

  • Let’s involve our families
involve the families to propose

The first and bang on the idea are to ask out both the families to get involved and help you propose to make this big day. This one is best for the ones who love to celebrate special occasions with their family’s happiness and blessings.

  • How about a wall of love?

Are you a creative head? This is the time to get it out!

wall of love

Make a creative wall that confesses everything about your love and feelings. Make her feel special with the talent you possess. Don’t worry if you are not truly creative! Hire a professional that can back you up in the process.

  • What’s your love corner?
love corner

You don’t have to go to luxurious areas to ask them the cutest question ever. Simply where you have been consistently meeting each other or have memories together adorned with beautiful roses and some balloons will work at its best.

  • Ready for a Pawposal?
ready for proposal

We bet this one is the cutest idea ever! Have your best friend out there to do it for you, your doggo, and be ready to plan your wedding! Ask him up to get the most awaited answer for you. Who would say no to the cutest proposal!

  • How about some spring vibes?
spring vibes for proposal

Everything is some extra lovely during spring, along these lines, on the off chance that you have chosen to propose your accomplice to be yours during this pretty season, you should simply take him/her for a walk and get down on your knees in the midst of the wonderful blossoms. They would love it, wouldn’t they?

  • Make it a living fairytale
fairytale in marriage

Is your girlfriend a little dreamer? Then this one is for her! Create a dreamy set up in the dark with some fairy lights on, propose to her like an absolute dream come true and make her feel like the luckiest princess ever!

  • Best Friends always have your back!

Finding it difficult to choose one? Well, their best friends got you! Best friends are the people they would always be happy to celebrate the big days of their life with. Ask for their help to plan a cute proposal and you are good to go.

  • Old school Restaurant proposal

Well, your heart knows that this one can never be too old to try! If you want to make her or him feel special in the most simple way, get on your knees in a busy restaurant ambiance and announce your confession in front of the world.

  • Hot Beach Proposal
hot beach proposal

Want to make the hottest proposal ever? Get some beachy vibes and propose to her while she sun-tans herself on a perfect summer afternoon!

  • Under the stars defeats everything!

A proposal setting under the stars, how mesmerizing! If you are about to marry a stargazer, you don’t need to search for anything else. Just create a beautiful setting and enjoy the romantic night under the stars while asking the most important question of your life. Let them fall in love with you even more!

  • On a Mountain Top?

What can be more special for a mountain lover to have their biggest day of life at their dream destination? Propose to them in the midst of a fantasy snowfall and hug them tight to feel the warmth of their love in the freezy winter!

  • A cute Christmas Proposal
christmas proposal

We all know Christmas is around the corner and it is the best time to ask the biggest question of your life. Take her out on Christmas, dress up like a Santa, and give her the best Christmas gift ever! 

  • Welcome them home with the biggest surprise!

Waiting for any special occasion to occur for the proposal? Just make one! Turn a random boring day into the biggest one of your lives. Plan a cute surprise for her or him while they are getting tired at work and welcome them home with the cutest thing ever, on your knees!

  • Lakeside proposals always win hearts!

How about a date at the lakeside in the evening? Feels so romantic to hear! Proposing them while already having a romantic time together makes it super special and dreamy. Decorate the site before she arrives and surprises her with the best side of yours.

  • For all the foodies out there!
some proposal ideas with food.

Is your better half a foodie? Are they one of the people who gets happy when you get them food?

Well, then there you are. Propose them with their best food and be ready to hear YES!

“Marry me” Cupcake ideas are never a bad option to adapt. If you are in search of something unique, get your favorite food in the shape of a heart, and get a proposal written on it! 


We know what value a wedding proposal holds in your life, after all, this is just the beginning of a whole different life with your dream partner. After this, you surely want to look for a wedding hall or destination to make your dream come true! Mallu farms is one of the best Wedding farmhouses in Delhi that takes care of all the wedding trends you need to incorporate on your big day! Looking for outdoor venues for your wedding is never a bad idea to consider.

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