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Best Wedding Makeup Looks We Spotted on Real Brides!

Hey, Where are you going? Come here and see our best wedding makeup looks and try it with your family and friends?

Being a bride is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and every girl’s dream. And Of course, who doesn’t want to look her best on the dream day? Every girl out there wants to wear the perfect look that would suit her the best, be it her outfit or makeup. Brides nowadays are picking up various new makeup trends for their weddings, still preserving the old ones. Although, we have seen a major shift in the makeup era in the past couple of years. From heavy contouring to a natural look, subtle makeup has taken over the trends while some of the previous classic styles are sustained and still in trend.

Here is some best wedding makeup looks that are flooding in the industry and every bride is a big fan of.

Top Best Wedding Makeup looks for Brides:

Nude Look

From 2019, Brides have majorly shifted their interests in nude colors and makeup styles. Subtle eyeshadow with nude lipstick is what almost every bride is a fan of now. This look is an all-rounder as it can go with the darkest of outfit shades to the lightest and can still look the best. The all nude makeup trend leaves a subtle, natural look that will astonish everybody out there!

Smokey Eyes

We are never letting go of smokey eyes. Smokey eyes are indeed a game changer because this one can totally transform your look at one go. This bold eye makeup can never go out of trend and is still loved by girls, be it for their wedding or any other occasion. 

   Bold Lips

best wedding makeup looks

Subtle eye makeup and bold lips are the latest combinations to make you look more royal and classy. Bold lips are always loved by women, from decades. You can just wear bold lipstick and you are all set to go out on a normal day too. This is what the magic of bold lips does!

No Makeup Look

best wedding makeup looks

Have you ever tried a ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup look? Sounds bizarre but is magic! Imagine being that done at your wedding. If you are a fan of an all-natural look, this makeup look is for you. Apply a no-makeup look and still feel like a princess!

Subtle Makeup Look

best wedding makeup looks

The subtle makeup look is quite close to the previous one but can add a few light colors in it. This one can include the lightest shades of pink, blue, golden, peach, etc. Brides that are not a big fan of heavy colors opt for subtle makeup looks that still makes them look beautiful enough.

Bold eyeshadow

best wedding makeup looks

Bold eyeshadows are not so much in trend for a few years now, as brides have started to pick up subtle makeup trends for their big day but there are some, who still love how the bold eyeshadow look turns out on them. Bold eyeshadow itself includes various styles including smokey eyes too. Any dark shade matching your outfit can be used as a bold eyeshadow makeup look and make you look astonishing.

Classic Red Lipstick

best wedding makeup looks

Here comes the look every girl is a big fan of and can never give up on! Classic red lips are a trend that has been in existence for decades and expected to be for more. No girl can ever be bored of red lips as this one can be worn not only on your special day but every single day on any outfit.

Pastel Eyeshadow

best wedding makeup looks

Pastel eyeshadows are quite underrated but are a great style to opt for. This look is one of the latest makeup styles and is used by most of the modern makeup artists with their pinch of creativity by blending a set of shades together. From light shades to darker pastel color, it can blend magic to your eyes and make you look like a princess for sure!

Shimmery Eyes

best wedding makeup looks

The trend of shimmery eyes has been in existence since the 1990s and still is. The only difference that has come up is the quality and style of applying it. Makeup styles have been constantly changing and transforming into better as the blending trend is evolving. Shimmers have come up with different shades depending upon the color of your outfit to match. Shimmery eyes are always a great option to feel like a queen. 

Contact Lenses

best wedding makeup looks

Contact lenses have become the new trendsetters lately. Contact lenses used to replace spectacles at weddings for groom and brides but now it has become a new trend to change your looks slightly. It has been observed that wearing colored contact lenses as an accessory makes the bride feel more confident and beautiful than before. 


These were some of the best and the most used makeup looks for brides to wear on the best day of their lives because you don’t want to leave room for doubt on your look. 

So this wedding season, we hope that you have chosen the best wedding venue, striking wedding outfit, and perfect makeup looks to rule your wedding day! 

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