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August 29, 2020
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Couple Seating Ideas For Intimate Weddings
September 24, 2020
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Being married to the love of your life is probably one of the best feelings in the universe. However, getting married is not as easy as it seems!

It takes a lot of efforts, preparations and planning to execute your dream wedding. There are various stages of planning your own fantasy day and especially when you are an Indian. What to wear, what kind of food to be booked, who will be the photographer or videographer and the most important What will be the venue!

While every aspect of your wedding can be an option, a wedding venue is a foremost thing that you can’t skip while planning for the same.

Choosing the right wedding venue that can match your dreamy vibe and make your day a perfect one is the most difficult task to have in your hands. So many options to choose from, so many aspects to keep in mind, picking the perfect venue for your wedding is the same as getting fitted in a dress you try for the first time!

Anyways, your worries aren’t needed now, because we have got a checklist to make your planning and preparations much easier!

1. Talking To A Wedding Planner Is Always A Great Idea!

Planners know a lot about spaces to fit your wedding according to your wants and demands. Your wedding planner can help you with all the decisions that are difficult for you to make about your day including the venue suitable for your theme, budget, ambience, etc.

2. How Big Is Your Guest List?

wedding planner

Choosing a space according to how many people are there to accompany you is the second most vital aspect you need to consider. You need to make sure that the banquet or any space you choose for the day is sufficient enough to gather all the guests on your list.  The site may look huge when it’s vacant, yet the aspects such as tables, seats, buffet, bar, the band or DJ arrangement, the dance floor—will fill it rapidly. The most ideal approach to evaluate the size of a site is to go see it when you are invited to another wedding (with a comparable list of attendees size).

3. What’s Your Budget?

What’s Your Budget

A simple method to limit your list of venue alternatives is to perceive what fits in your venue Budget. Knowing exactly how much you can spend on your venue is basic and important because your wedding space tends to consume a big part of your budget. Try your best to not go gaga over a venue at one go if it is too expensive for your budget because you really need to take care of all the other expenses included in the wedding. In order to turn your fantasy into reality, you really need to compromise in other areas if you are 100% sure about that venue. Also, while discussing the budget of the venue, try having some skills for the breakdown of costs with the venue coordinator because you need to save, friend!

4. Location That Is Convenient For Everybody

Choose the location that is not inconvenient for your guests. An ideal area can set off your visitor’s voyaging bothers. Pick a setting which is nearer to the airport and railway station if most of your visitors coming to your wedding have reached from far away. For a destination setting, it will be ideal to pick a scene outside the city territory to guarantee your visitors make the most of your huge day enjoying their best while away from all the noise.

wedding venue in Chattarpur

Also, you really need to look for the parking space to be sufficient enough to not cause inconvenience to your guests. The parking area for your wedding should be very close to the venue.

5. Ambience Is Important

Ambience Is Important

One of the significant elements that are straightforwardly joined to your wedding’s prosperity is its Ambience. The Ambience or vibe should be such that your guests start to enjoy it as soon as they enter the space. They should be able to communicate with each other comfortably, relax and not feel suffocated. Obviously, you need to choose the decor that perfectly fits your idea of an aesthetic wedding.

6. Time of Year

There are chances that your favourite venue may not be available as it all depends on what time of the year it is. Usually, the best time for weddings in India are from January to April and November to mid-December. Usually, wedding venues are booked way before months during the common months of the wedding season. Sites are normally more costly to lease during the famous wedding months.

7. Oh, Food!

From all the preparations and planning you make to treat your guests, food is something they would discuss for an exceptionally significant time-frame to come. Regardless of how awesome your music is or how appealing your decorations look, terrible food can overwhelm everything. You should be cautious in picking a setting offering incredible food to fulfil the taste buds of everybody. Taste the food before booking the space and ensure the caterers are hygienic enough to take care of the health of all guests.


Now that you have got your checklist for all the things to be considered while selecting the venue for your dream day, get on your work, start searching for the perfect fit and rock the day!

Here is a bonus! If you are looking for the space that meets all the points in your checklist, Mallu Farms, a prominent and most-loved wedding venue in Chattarpur is the place for you. Mallu Farms takes care of all your wants and demands and turns your dream wedding into reality, making the most of your day.

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