Flower Decor Ideas for Wedding in 2020
Flower Decor Ideas for Wedding in 2020
April 9, 2020
Wedding Planning Advice for couples during COVID-19
Wedding Planning Advice for couples during COVID-19
May 1, 2020
Hiring a wedding planner

Planning for a wedding is a really tiring job to do, undeniably! From money issues, family drama to all other decision-making stuff, goes parallelly, which only adds stress in such situations!

 Now, the question arises, is it beneficial to hire a wedding planner? Is working with a wedding planner will bring in some great help? Well, the answer is YES!

Obviously, the wedding planner will handle all the planning and preparations, which makes it easy for you to pay attention to certain important wedding stuff!

But, it’s not that easy and quick decision to be made, agreed?

If you are looking out for Famous Wedding Planners In Delhi, then you will get numerous options to explore! However, you have to make sure that you choose the one, which is under your budget and make your wedding place look surreal and unconventional!

Well, here are some of the essential pros and cons that you definitely need to know about when Hiring A Wedding Planner!

First, let’s step ahead to know about its pros.

PRO – Take a Sigh of Relief!

When you know someone is handling and managing all your wedding preparations, then what you worry about is all other necessary stuff except than the preparations for the wedding. Of course, it is a nice feeling when someone if handling all your tensions so that you can take a deep breath and focus on the to-do list!  

PRO – Emphasis on Details!

The wedding planners are professionals, actually experienced professionals. Thus, they help you out in the best ways possible that you might overlook! From exceptional decoration to all other details of the wedding venue, working with the wedding planners is beneficial in terms that they don’t ignore the minor of details! Adding on to it, as we call them professionals, thus they are equally proficient in allocating your budget properly.

PRO – They Have Insider Knowledge!

Doubtlessly, the wedding planners have insider knowledge because of their past working experience! They have their own contacts of most of the venues and vendors present in the local market, which makes them easy to seal the right deal while negotiating appropriately with the locals. If you think that you will not benefit from their services, then that’s absolutely a wrong notion because they know where to spend and where they have to utilize their skills to make your wedding a memorable and successful event!

PRO – Creative Ideas and Thoughts

To make your wedding awesome, what required is creative, peculiar and innovative ideas! And, the wedding planners are again proved to be enough creative and innovation freaks. They recommend ideas that can make your wedding unforgettable! In addition, they are always updated with the trendy patterns and latest designs, be it in decoration or backdrop! With their reliable advice, your wedding theme will look different and innovative.     

PRO – Score Discounts

They always grab a good deal! They are pro at negotiating as wedding planners and that’s the major reason they are able to take up such good offers and discounts from the local market.

So, these were some of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner! Now, let’s step ahead to know about its cons.

CON – Additional Cost

If you are seeking out for options to successfully plan your wedding, then you must know the fact that hiring a Wedding Planner will only add the cost of your wedding budget. Of course, they don’t come with a cheap price tag and if you have a strict budget, then it will be challenging for you to add on the cost to it, isn’t it? Therefore, it is advised that if you are already rigid on your wedding budget, then don’t hire a wedding planner as it will only complicate the things for you to manage, especially funds!

CON – Difficult to Connect with Someone!

Here comes another vital point to consider. What if you don’t feel connected with the wedding planner you have hired? What if your thoughts and ideation don’t align? Well, in such cases, you don’t have to compromise because a wedding is a special moment and once in a lifetime experience that nobody is willing to ruin. Finding someone that aligns according to your requirements, finding someone that you trust and get along with is definitely hard! Not to mention it, chances are their suggestions and advice may not be keeping up with your family’s expectations.

CON – Limited Control

When you hire someone for your wedding planning and preparations, then undeniably, you lose control over the things. And, if you are one of those control and dominating freaks, then it would a real job for you to connect well with the wedding planner. At first, you have to ensure that you find the right wedding planner who understands and respects your decisions. From décor, styling, food to other essential arrangements, the wedding planner has that same vision as you have though for your dreamlike wedding. Hence, if you two don’t agree in almost everything, then chances are you might end up stressed, which is ultimately a disadvantage for you to hire a wedding planner!

CON – Not so Intimate affair!

When you plan to hire a wedding planner, then one of its major disadvantages is that you get away from the details and intimate experience of your wedding! It is the ultimate experience when you handpick every single thing for your wedding. There is a complete authority in what you choose and pick for your special day. But when the wedding planner appears in the scenario, then it’s not so intimate affair. From planning, preparations to everything else, you miss out on certain special things because for some people this is what excites the family, arrangements and stuff!

CON – Maybe they aren’t Introduced to Trends!

Hat if your wedding planner is still keeping up with the old-school wedding decor styles and patterns? Of course, you won’t pay that extra cost to the wedding planner to get old-School designs and ideas, right? First of all, they spend extra amounts on unnecessary stuff, which can be controlled. Secondly, if they are not up-to-date with the latest trends in wedding themes, décor or any other stuff, then you will only exhaust your budget nothing else!


Congratulations, if you are engaged and now planning for your wedding. You must in certain dilemmas when it comes to wedding preparations and hiring a wedding planner is absolutely one big task in itself! Take out some time and just ponder in silence on these pros and cons.

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Wedding is an intimate affair of two families who are going to be one! Thus, Mallu Farms make sure to give you an unforgettable experience to make it more personal for you and your family members!

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